How to Hit Better Greenside Bunker Shots with Anna Rawson

Published: 10/12/2021

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Having trouble with your bunker play? We asked one of our PXG ambassadors, Anna Rawson, to give key game-improving tips when stuck in those dreaded green-side bunkers. These five simple instructions will help you improve your short game and increase your chances of saving your score. Want more videos like this one? Be sure to check out our other golf tip videos, club reviews, tech snapshots, and so much more.

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Video Transcript

Anna Rawson: Okay, at some point in the round, most likely you’re going to go into a bunker. So here are a few things that I think about to help you get up and down, if not hole it. So that’s actually the key point, is you want to think about holing the shot. Just like putting, you putt to make it. Bunker shot, you want to make it. Most likely you end up a lot closer than if you’re just trying to get it out.

So that’s the first thing I really think about. “Okay, where do I want to land it? How far is it going to roll out and roll in?” So that’s the first thing. When I get into my stance, get comfortable, open up my club face, I have a weak grip so I can get some spin and I have a little lean, a little bit forward, and then it’s just accelerate through it. And that’s how you hit a great bunker shot.

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