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0211 DualCOR Irons

Stunning new progressive set design powered by our proprietary DualCOR system delivers precision and distance across the set.

Price is ¥15,000
All New

0211 3x Forged Blades

Triple forged, solid-body irons that provide exceptional feel and workability in a clean blade design.

Price is ¥18,000
All New

GEN3 Irons

The finest golf irons we’ve ever created. Customizable to fit every swing.

Price is ¥25,000

GEN2 Irons

Engineered for players at every level from weekend warrior to tour professionals.

Price is ¥19,000

Prototype Drivers

A prototype driver so extraordinary, our Tour Pros told us we should make them available to everyone.

Price is ¥47,500

0211 Drivers

Strikingly versatile head design that promotes confidence and delivers crazy distance off the tee for golfers at every skill level.

Price is ¥36,500
All New

GEN2 Putters

100% solid milled construction, variable-sized pyramid face pattern, and adjustable weights.

Price is ¥31,000

Bat Attack Putter

The Bat Attack is a modified mallet putter with long, contrasting tungsten wings that make for easy, repeatable alignment.

Price is ¥50,000
All New

Mustang Putter

The Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter with tungsten-weighting in the heel and toe, creating an optimal CG for enhanced stability and forgiveness.

Price is ¥50,000
All New

Blackjack Putter

We optimized everything to put the odds in your favor on the green.

Price is ¥50,000
All New

One & Done Putter

Milled mallet style putter, ready to seal the deal.

Price is ¥50,000
All New

Prototype Fairways

Easy to hit, low profile design with variable face technology for faster ball speeds.

Price is ¥38,000
All New

0211 Fairways

High-performance, rounded face design and larger profile promote confidence and consistent contact for all players.

Price is ¥28,000
All New

Prototype Hybrids

Confidence inspiring head shape and larger face for maximum ball speeds and forgiveness.

Price is ¥31,500
All New

0211 Hybrids

Innovative squared face and weight forward design optimized for maximum ball speed from any lie and forgiveness on off-center hits.

Price is ¥24,000
All New

GEN4 Golf Clubs are coming soon!
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Tried and true.
Proven performance.

PXG PROTO WOODS golf clubs

Using our tried-and-true formula for crazy distance, unbelievable forgiveness, and fine-tuned performance, these babies deliver lower scores and much more fun on the course. In fact, these all-new Prototype Fairways and Hybrids are so good, we decided to release them to everyone!

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New 2021 0 2 1 1 Clubs

0811 X Proto Driver

Low spin option for players with more level or downward attack angles.

Price is¥47,500

0341 X Proto Fairways

Easy to hit, low profile design with variable face technology for faster ball speeds

Price is ¥38,000

0317 X Proto Hybrids

Confidence inspiring head shape and larger face for maximum ball speeds and forgiveness

Price is ¥31,500

Why are new PXG 0211 Golf Clubs being offered at such low prices?

It's simple. We want you to experience PXG technology.

We cut our margins to the bone on these incredible golf clubs to give everyone a reason to experience PXG's killer patented technology. Most customers, upon receiving their new 0211's, are blown away by the performance and feel. Golfers everywhere are amazed that we’re selling golf clubs this smoking hot for such a killer price.

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"Built for almost any player looking for advanced performance."


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2021 0211 アイアン


Price is ¥15,000

2021 0211 ドライバー


Price is ¥36,500

2021 0211 ハイブリッド


Price is ¥24,000

2021 0211 フェアウェイウッド

ハイパフォーマンスで丸みを帯びたフェースデザインと大きめの輪郭は、すべてのプレーヤーに信頼性と一貫性をもたらします。 profile promote confidence and consistent contact for all players.

Price is ¥28,000
Battle Ready Putters

Triple Performance Blades.
Super Performance.

PXG 0211 ST Irons

This Super Tour extension of the 2021 0211 Golf Clubs introduces solid-bodied blades that are triple forged from soft carbon steel, delivering an exceptional feel, extreme workability, and a surprisingly high MOI. These stunning blades are ideal for better golfers looking for the ultimate in club control at a killer price.

Discounted battle ready putters Price are ¥18,000
Battle Ready Putters
top and side putter view

Stealth Operation

Elevate your short game in 2021 with PXG's Battle Ready Putters. Fully optimized – from the center-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting – the new Bat Attack and Mustang deliver maximum performance for putts from every distance.

Discounted battle ready putters Price are ¥50,000


新しいPXG 0311 STアイアンは100%CNCミーリング製法のプロ仕様のツアー用マッスルバックです。より優れた操作性と小さめのオフセットで、優れたコントロールをもたらす、硬いボディのピュアブレードです。


0311 GEN2 ミルドウェッジ

100%CNCミーリング製法で、寸分の狂いもなく製造したすべてのサーフェス、カーブ、アングルが1本1本のクラブに高い均一性を持たせています。新しいPXG 0311ミルドウェッジは、最適なパフォーマンスと高度なショットを実現できるように設計されています。2つのソールオプションを備えたPXGミルドウェッジは精密設計で、ゴルファーにとって汎用性の高いクラブとなります。