Battle Ready II Putters

New PXG Battle Ready II Putters are filled with the same game-changing PXG technology that revolutionized our irons. Injection molded with S COR™, a lightweight polymer that enhances sound and feel, each of our nine putter designs delivers outstanding distance control and forgiveness, giving you the ideal roll to sink more putts. 

New Battle Ready II Putters

Game-changing Advancements

PXG Battle Ready II Hollow Body Construction


PXG Battle Ready II Putters feature a groundbreaking 303 stainless steel hollow body construction that enables mass to be repositioned to the extreme perimeter of the clubhead. This significantly boosts the moment of inertia (MOI) and increases consistency on mis-hits.

S Cor Technology

S COR is a lightweight polymer injected into the hollow body of Battle Ready II Putters. S COR bonds to the putter face, reducing vibrations during impact to provide an amazing sound and feel while also supporting consistent launch and roll across the club face. 

PXG Battler Ready II S COR Technology
PXG Battle Ready II Putter Ultra Thin Club Face

The Thinnest Face In Putters

Incorporating the same revolutionary technology that transformed the iron industry, Battle Ready II putters feature an injected molded inner paired with an ultra-thin face. This enables the center of gravity to be positioned farther back in the clubhead and increases the moment of inertia (MOI).

On average, the Battle Ready II Putter lineup has +10% higher MOI when compared to the original Battle Ready series. 


The third iteration of our pyramid face structure boasts a more aggressive milling pattern that has been optimized for consistent interaction with golf ball dimples and improves roll while reducing skid.

This new face pattern offers the soft sound of an insert putter, while maintaining the responsive feel of a solid milled putter.

PXG Battler Ready II Refined Pyramid Face Pattern
PXG Battle Ready II Apache Putter

Weighting Optimized For Your Stroke

The balance of your Battle Ready II Putter can be fine-tuned by changing the location and mass of the weights. Further fine-tuning with our selection of hosels will ensure optimal launch conditions based on your stroke and preferences.

The Battle Ready II Collection