PXG 0211 Putters

0211 Putters Have Landed

Five All-New Putters

The 0211 Putter lineup features PXG’s bold Runway Reticle™ alignment aid and patented Pyramid Face Pattern technology for outstanding accuracy and consistency with every putt.

PXG 0211 Putters
PXG crazy eight GEN4 clubs



Meet the PXG blades designed for advanced amateurs & professionals. These triple forged, milled, solid bodied PXG 0311 ST GEN4 Blades with Precision Weighting Technology give the advanced golfer complete control over their game. Is it an expensive process to make these precise sticks? You bet it is. But we’re fine with it, because it’s strokes, not money, we’re trying to save.

Battle Ready Putters

Triple Performance Blades.
Super Performance.

PXG 0211 ST Blades

This Super Tour extension of the 2021 0211 Golf Clubs introduces solid-bodied blades that are triple forged from soft carbon steel, delivering an exceptional feel, extreme workability, and a surprisingly high MOI. These stunning blades are ideal for better golfers looking for the ultimate in club control at a killer price.

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