From the Battlefield to the Fairways: PXG Dallas Fitter Helps Purple Heart Recipient Find the Perfect Fit

Published: 10/27/2023

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For Tech Sgt. Leonard Anderson, an Air Force veteran who served his country with unwavering dedication for 14 years, PXG Dallas, became a symbol of hope and resilience, thanks to the support of one of our devoted fitters.

Sgt. Anderson’s life took an unexpected turn during his second tour in Iraq when an IED left him with physical injuries and emotional scars that earned him a Purple Heart Award. His love for golf played a significant role in his rehabilitation, giving him a reason to stay physically and mentally active. However, finding clubs that catered to his unique needs proved challenging.

Since high school, Sgt. Anderson quotes golf as being a constant in his life. While he didn’t play competitively, the sport was an outlet for emotional and mental release with the added benefit of spending time with his comrades. His passion for golf carried him through his military service. However, he lacked the grip strength to play after he was injured, preventing him from making shots within 100 yards. Determined, he experimented by attaching pieces of hose to the end of three club shafts, but the makeshift adjustments continued to limit his game.

Frustrated after falling short of success with several other stores, Sgt. Anderson turned to PXG Dallas, recalling their support at a 4 the Fallen fundraiser where he is the program director for prosthetics. His journey to finding the perfect golf clubs began with a chance encounter with Jay McIlroy, one of the experienced fitters and certified club builders at PXG Dallas. Jay didn’t hesitate to help Sgt. Anderson, taking the time to understand his unique needs. They discussed his swing, concerns, and goals on the golf course. Drawing inspiration from PXG’s founder, Bob Parsons, a fellow veteran and Purple Heart recipient, Jay’s commitment to helping Sgt. Anderson went far beyond the norm for a fitter in any other golf store.

“I just thought of Mr. Parsons and what he would do, and that would be everything and anything he possibly could,” said Jay McIlroy, PXG Dallas Fitter.

Jay started by selecting stock PXG equipment that would provide Sgt. Anderson with both performance and comfort.

“The process itself was fairly easy. Jay took time out of his day to help me and get the journey started,” Sgt. Leonard Anderson said. “Other people wanted to try and reinvent the wheel, but it didn’t feel right. If you’re not the one swinging it, it’s hard to explain the feeling.”

However, Sgt. Anderson’s story didn’t end there. He needed extensions from the VA for his prosthetics for the clubs to fit, and the irons and wedges posed more of a challenge. Undeterred, Jay went the extra mile, taking the clubs home after work and making small adjustments that would make a world of difference for Sgt. Anderson.

“Taking time out of my personal day means nothing because this is something I wanted to get perfect,” Jay said. “This is an absolute honor for me. This is what I live for, something simple that makes all the difference for him. I’ve got chill bumps!”

The customization process was meticulous. Jay tailored the club lengths, lofts, and lies to accommodate Sgt. Anderson’s unique stance and swing. The result was a set of golf clubs that felt like a natural extension of Sgt. Anderson’s body, allowing him to regain his confidence and continue his path to recovery.

“It’s hard to explain what it means to me. There’s a lot to be said for someone who jumps in feet first into finding a solution. Other companies don’t give you that option unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money. PXG had that personal ability to do this for me, and once we started discussing the Heroes program, I knew it was right,” Sgt. Leonard Anderson said. “To be treated that way blew me away. It was very nice to walk into a place and be treated like I had two hands.”

For Sgt. Leonard Anderson, PXG Dallas and the exceptional support he received from Jay weren’t just about finding the perfect golf clubs. It was a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the belief that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can find their place on the fairway.

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