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At PXG, your enjoyment of the game and success on the golf course are our top priorities, even if you are tackling a new track for the first time.After all, why make a challenging game harder than it needs to be? Whatever you’re looking for in your newest golf club set from more distance, tighter dispersion, more control, higher ball flight or greater playability; or you just want to shave a few strokes off your short game, our PXG Fitting Specialists are at your service. We want you to play your best, enjoy every second you spend on the course and maybe help you take a little money from your playing partners along the way. If you're serious about golf, then it's time to invest in yourself. Already know what you're in for? Get scheduled at a PXG Fitting Location near you.

In this guide we will cover


Before We Begin...Dispelling a Common Myth

You Don’t Have to Be a Scratch Golfer to See the Benefits of a Club Fitting

It is a common misconception that you need to be a skilled golfer, with a registered handicap and have multiple rounds under your belt to be a candidate for an in-depth club fitting experience. This simply isn't true.  In fact beginners to the sport and golfers with a and higher handicap can “move the needle” exponentially faster through a professional club fitting. As players don't need to adjust or change their swing. Simply put, playing with fitted clubs is the fastest, most surefire way to improve your performance on the course almost immediately. 

What About Beginners or High Handicap Golfers? Should They Get Fitted for Clubs?

The short answer is yes. Even golfers that are just beginning to take up the game can benefit tremendously from working with a qualified fitting professional. Despite the name, professionally fitted golf clubs aren’t just for professional golfers; players of any handicap or skill level looking to improve their golf game should consider getting their equipment built to spec.

Benefits to Fitted Clubs:  

  • Experience increased confidence in your game from tee to green.
  • Have greater accuracy and consistency in your shots no matter the lie.
  • Find greater distance and trajectory off the tee box.
  • Hit your irons more consistently (even long irons).
  • Improve your short game, from 100 yards out to making more putts.
  • Find more success in managing the course (even new ones and on "bad days").
  • Overall, you will enjoy the game more.

Whether you’re a beginner or scratch, getting custom fit for golf clubs is the absolute best thing you can do for your game. Anchored in data and driven by possibility, PXG club fittings consider your whole person.  

About Our Club Fitting Specialists

PXG Fitting Specialists draw on years of experience in golf, with backgrounds ranging from former club pros, tour players, career club fitters, and more.

However, a strong foothold in golf is only part of the formula. PXG Fitting Specialists are PXG product and fitting experts, trained by the engineers who had a hand in designing our golf clubs. PXG even has a training and fitting sciences expert on staff to help refine and develop processes to ensure our team consistently delivers the outstanding experience we are known for.

PXG Fitters will not …

  • Discriminate by gender, age, or skill. Every golfer, from happy hacker, to weekend warrior, to tour player is fitted to address their unique swing characteristics and performance goals.


  • Ask you to change your swing, stance, grip, or any other part of your game to see improved performance. We will adjust our equipment to give you the best opportunity technology currently affords to maximize your game from tee to green.


PXG Fitters will …

  • Deliver an immersive, fun experience focused entirely on you and getting your game to where you want it to be!

Some Tools of the Trade

Whether you are fitted at a PXG Fitting Studio or on the range at your home course, PXG Fitting Specialists are equipped with the entire collection of PXG clubheads, a complete matrix of premium shafts, and industry-leading launch monitor technology in order to provide you a personalized tour-caliber fitting experience.

Fittings at PXG can take many forms whether you're at one of our retail store locations, your home course, or even a local country club. No matter where you’re fitted, we always have our eyes on the prize: to help you find more enjoyment in your game by changing your equipment not changing your swing!


What You Can Expect During Your Fitting Process at PXG


We get it. Wielding a golf club as a beginner under a fitting professional's watchful eye can be scary, but it’s not as scary as playing a round with ill-fitted equipment. Much like running a marathon for the first time in shoes that are two sizes too small, it isn't fun and you won't ever want to do it again. At PXG, we want you to enjoy your fitting experience every step of the way. Speaking of steps, let’s get into what you can expect during the process.

The Fitting Process

Step One: When you arrive at your fitting, your fitter will spend time listening to your preferences and learning about your game. Together you will discuss your playing history, as well as your personal goals. Your fitter will seek to understand your skill level and will take time to introduce PXG and our products.

Step Two: Your fitting experience will begin with your existing clubs if you have them. If you don't currently own clubs or prefer not to bring them, don't worry,  we've got you covered.

Step Three: On to the fun part … seeing your game improve! Your fitter will select the PXG clubheads and shafts that best suit your game. Emphasis will be placed on improving your total club-by-club performance, mishits, and all. That's right, we look at your common misses to determine the best set up for you. We will efficiently manage the number of swings you make to ensure you can deliver your best swings throughout the fitting experience. However, if at any point you feel fatigued, take a break. This is your session, your fitter is not in a hurry and you are in control.

Step Four: There is nothing like seeing how it all comes together in the end. Your fitter will show you the data from your session, explaining the numbers in as much detail as you need and/or want. Based on the numbers and, more importantly, your input, your fitter will recommend the set they believe will best support your performance and enjoyment of the game.


How Long Does a PXG Fitting Experience Last?

Fittings vary in duration based on the type of equipment being tested. On average, we recommend our customers allow for the following times:

  • Full Bag, Including a Putter – 2.5 hours
  • Full Bag, No Putter – 2 hours
  • Woods Only – 1 hour
  • Irons and Wedges Only – 1 hour
  • Putter Only – 30 minutes

How Much is a PXG Fitting?

A fitting fee of $50 will be collected from your local PXG representative prior to your scheduled fitting.

PXG indoor fitting location wth golf simulator

What You Can Expect During an Indoor Fitting

At our indoor locations, PXG’s professional Fitting Specialists lead customers through the performance-enhancing technology of PXG clubs in private fitting bays equipped with top-of-the-line TrackMan™ technology. Each location provides a truly private experience, with players striking the ball within a fitting bay from artificial turf into a virtual golf simulator screen. Leveraging launch monitor data including swing speed, ball speed, trajectory, and spin, PXG’s Fitting Specialists evaluate swing tendencies and skill level to recommend each player’s ideal club configuration.

We offer a number of premium indoor fitting experiences and locations including PXG Retail Stores in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, Scottsdale, Seattle, Glendale (Westgate). Mesa and Phoenix (Norterra).

Enjoy a Truly Private Club Fitting Experience

Players can enjoy the private fitting bay environment and avoid most inclement weather conditions. Distance and swing characteristics are monitored by TrackMan while the open practice facility also allows the player and Fitting Specialist to see the natural ball flight.

One of the most advantageous things about an indoor fitting experience is that it allows our customers to swing PXG clubs no matter the time of year or what the weather. We are here to give you the best fitting experience around, not frostbite.

“I drove out to Scottsdale for my fitting. I was impressed with the company before I ever set foot in the fitting bay. It only got better though. I’m loving my 0311 Irons and 0317 Hybrids. I’ll definitely be going back for a driver soon! PXG is awesome, period!” - Matt Mull, PXG Scottsdale Fitting

PXG Outdoor fitting experience

What You Can Expect During an Outdoor Fitting

An outdoor PXG fitting experience provides for natural light, real turf, and the ability to watch the full trajectory of your ball flight. Outdoors, we use TrackMan technology to evaluate your swing data and to dial in your equipment and enhance your game.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of golf facilities making it easy to schedule an outdoor fitting at a location convenient to you.

The Biggest Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Fittings...

One differentiator that our TOUR players and customers mention is the ability to test wedges in a more natural environment. Playing from real turf, customers can test the bounce, see the true apex of the ball flight, and the resulting spin.

“I never realized how important getting the right fit was. Worked with Mike at Liberty National who had some great insights about my swing and set up. Awesome experience I would highly recommend! #PXGTroops” - Matt Delaney, Liberty National Fitting

PXG over the phone fitting experience

Over the Phone Club Fittings

In addition to in-person fittings, available at PXG retail locations and fitting studios across the country, our professional Fitting Specialists are available to deliver a unique fitting experience via the phone by calling 1.844.PLAY.PXG.

How Our Fit By Phone Experience Works

Every Fit-by-Phone experience is led by a professional PXG Fitting Specialist. Sessions consist of an in-depth interview focusing on each customer’s current equipment, playing history, physical limitations, overall strengths and weaknesses, and the areas they’re looking to see improvement. The process can vary between 30-to-90 minutes depending on the player’s questions and the golf equipment they are looking to purchase.

From preferred shot shape and handicap, to swing tempo and shaft flex preference, PXG Fitting Specialists consider every aspect of a player’s game to improve ball flight, distance, accuracy, and confidence.

Leveraging the information received during the one-to-one conversation, Fitting Specialists help select the PXG clubheads and premium shafts from our matrix that best suit the player’s natural tendencies. Then, they help dial-in the specifications for loft, lie, and weighting to create the ideal club configuration. For players who have geographic or time constraints - or for those who prefer a non-contact fitting - the Fit-by-Phone experience is a great option. We also understand that hitting in front of a Fitting Specialist may be nerve-racking; and so, connecting by phone allows all players to have an engaged conversation about their game and personal goals.

"Was fitted last night via phone and can confirm, outstanding customer service! Jasi was wonderful to work with, can’t wait for my new sticks to arrive!” - PXG Customer

Get More Joy Out of Your Game, Schedule a PXG Fitting Experience Today

With so many ways to many ways to get fitted with PXG golf clubs, it's easier than ever to play the best golf of your life. Whether you select an indoor fitting, an outdoor fitting or an over the phone fitting, you’ll experience the same exceptional attention to detail and incredible club technology, delivered only by PXG.

We offer hundreds of indoor and outdoor fitting locations across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Korea, and more. Don’t wait, find the fitting location nearest you or give us a call at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to get scheduled and experience all the joy the professionally fitted golf clubs can bring you!

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