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Behind the Scenes: Working in PXG Player Support

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PXG Fitter working on the phone to fit a player for golf clubs.

What if you had the chance to combine work and your greatest passion? At PXG, our commitment to developing the world’s finest golf equipment and apparel, and creating exceptional customer experiences, begins with our talented team of #PXGTroops. Our innovative team comes from different backgrounds, but all share the same interest - love for the game of golf. Each individual in our company embodies this passion, driving the culture of PXG to excellence.

We are highlighting the incredibly talented individuals who make up our core PXG departments. One of the most important customer service entities to any company - telephone support. Our PXG Player Support team is the hub of customer service. From equipment questions, order updates and phone purchases to a friendly conversation - they can be reached at 1-844-PLAY-PXG.

Phone Support

One of the largest roles of our Player Support department, would be our phone service group. Upon calling in to PXG Player support, our team will be able to direct the inquiring customer to the best individual to fulfill the specific request.


PXG troop at home getting professionaly fit for PXG golf clubs on the phone

Getting Fitted Over-The-Phone

Over-the-phone fitting sessions consist of an in-depth conversation focusing on each customer’s current equipment, playing history, physical ability and limitations, skill level, overall strengths and weaknesses, and the areas they’re looking to see improvement. Once your specs are dialed in, our team will assist you in placing the order in the same call. Kaboom Baby!

Scheduling an in-person club fitting experience with a PXG fitting specialist

For customers inquiring about our ultimate PXG fitting experience, our team will work to find a fitting location in their area. Should there not be a certified fitting location in close proximity, our team will work to get the inquiring customer booked through our mobile fitting team who is always on the road traveling to new courses.

Order Inquiries

Beyond using our online order tracking tool, our team can provide you a more personal experience for all order inquiry requests. Our Player Support can view your order and update you on build phases and predicted arrival times. From existing to new members of the #PXGTroops, we are just as excited for you to hear that delivery knock on the door.

General Support

On any given day our Player Support Team is busy fielding a variety of questions including:

  • Order specs
  • Damaged equipment
  • PXG for Heroes Program
  • Donation inquiries
  • PGA Professional inquiries
  • Friendly PXG conversation

Our Player Support team are experts in ALL things PXG and are happy to assist customers along their journey. Give us a call!

Email Support

At PXG, we realize that everyone has different communication preferences. Our Player Support team can also be reached via email for all PXG related inquiries. Within 24-48 hours, inquiring customers will receive a response from our team via

*Tip - If you’ve never emailed PXG before, be sure to check your spam folder for updates.

Outbound Calls

Beyond customer inquiries placed through 1-844-PLAY-PXG, our team also takes pride in outgoing interactions with our PXG Troops. After completing an online equipment purchase, customers will receive a personal phone call from one of our Player Support team members to thank them for their purchase and review all specs to ensure they are satisfied with their equipment.

Our Player Support phone team is available seven days a week from 5 a.m.-10 p.m. MST. PXG Troops can also reach us 24/7 through our PXG social media channels - our team will respond to you within 24-48 hours of initial contact. In 2020, our Player Support team completed roughly 129,000 phone interactions, which doubled our department in the last year.

What Our Player Support Team Has to Say About Working at PXG

“Every day we get to wake up with the ability to make someone’s day in one way or another. Whether it is working with a customer to help them get an extra 10 yards from their driver, tightening the dispersion in their irons, or helping them setup the perfect flat stick for taking their friends money. We are a part of their journey at a game that can never be perfected, and that is why I love being a part of the Player Support Team/PXG Troops!” - PXG Player Support Member (Jason)

“My favorite aspect of the Player Support team is that we all are one big family. Everyone is very supportive, which allows for open collaboration, innovation, and improvements to our day-to-day processes. Hearing the excitement in our customers' voices and being able to fit or assist them knowing PXG will make a difference in their game for years to come is the greatest honor. Being a PXG Troop is like being a part of a family.” - PXG Player Support Member (Kim)

Interested in joining our talented team?

Want to be a part of our team working on the front lines with PXG troops day in and day out? Check out our available job opportunities and apply today!

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