How to Lower Driver Ball Flight

Published: 04/14/2021

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. This is Ryan Hybl, Head Golf Coach at the University of Oklahoma. And with me as my Assistant Golf Coach, Bill Alcorn. Today, we’re going to work on flighting our driver down.

We’re from Oklahoma, we have to be able to hit some penetrating ball flight. So we’re going to squeeze this PXG Driver today. I’m going to have Bill set up first as you would a normal drive.

When it comes to his ball position, it’s up more towards the front of his stance. Obviously, he’s choked all the way up on the club, and his angles are shifting upwards so he can actually hoist the ball up in the air and hit a bomb. That’s what everybody’s trying to do right now, bomb and gouge.

We’re going to lower this ball flight. Get it into a different window. We’re going to accomplish that first by teeing the ball down a little bit.

We’re going to move the ball just slightly back in his stance. He’s going to have softer hands, and he’s going to really work on squeezing and rotating his body on through there, so he comes out low, and he’s going to try and hit a little left to right shot. Go for it, Bill.

Beautiful. Still kept his balance – super nice, and he swung within himself. That ball came out and he squeezed it. So when we need a very nice dependable shot coming down the stretch or back into the breeze, this is the one you want to work on.


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