How to Improve Your Arm-to-Body Connection

Published: 01/27/2022

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PXG has committed to create the best golf clubs on the market and have surpassed expectations every new year. What’s better than new and better clubs? A swing and golf game that matches it. Watch PXG ambassador’s Alex Riggs and Anna Rawson team up for a virtual golf lesson to go over arm-to-body connection and a simple drill that will instantly help your swing go to the next level.

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Video Transcript

Alex Riggs:

Hey, Anna, hope you’re doing well. All right. So I’m really excited to chat with you on this topic of connection, okay? The connection between the arms and body is truly an important part of the golf swing and an area that a lot of people struggle with. So you’ve mentioned that you felt loosey goosey. Now to my ears, that tells me that you’re struggling to feel the arms, struggling to feel the hands, perhaps where the club is swinging. And when we don’t have club control, we certainly can’t expect to have ball control. We need to know where that club’s moving and have a sense as to how it’s going to travel through impact.

Alex Riggs:

Now, arm to body connection is a great way to achieve this. Prior to getting the connection, what you’ll notice here is that you make a great body turn, the body’s moving really well, rotating really well but without that awareness on connection, the arms were swinging back higher and further than they really needed to. The body was essentially done its rotation around this point here, and then you can see the arms carrying on, getting a little bit lifted as you make your rate at the top of the back swing. We’ve given up some sense of control in that pattern.

Alex Riggs:

Now using a towel. You’ve got two towels, one underneath each arm pit. Great way to establish that awareness of connection, because we start to create a pressure between the arms and the torso, a pressure point that’s now going to help us when it comes to controlling those arms. when you have that connection, what you start seeing is as you undergo a very, very similar body turn, which again, you’ve got no issues with how you’re moving, the arms stop in a more compact position. There’s not as much arm lift, the arms are swinging with the body, and they’re stopping just after the body’s completed its rotation. Those two top of backs images obviously look very different and it’s because of the arm to body connection, having that pressure point underneath those armpits helps you to control where the arms swing and you can control where the arms swing. It just becomes so much easier as you turn the corner and work through the down swing to have club control.

Alex Riggs:

I tell you what. This down swing is just as about as good as it gets, so I’d say this is a drill that you need to keep doing. This drill is certainly going to help you to start creating that awareness of how the arms need to squeeze down on the body a little bit more, creating healthy tension, and I know tension’s always given a bad wrap, but there are some areas of tension that we need to have in a good golf swing. The armpits is one. Using the towel underneath the armpits is a great way to establish this.

Alex Riggs:

The next thing I’d do is work without the towel, but pull the shirt sleeves up and squeeze the shirt sleeves. Again, that’s a legal [inaudible 00:03:03] way of creating the same exact feeling, having that sense of awareness of squeezing the arms into those armpits to connect arms and torso. Love where this is heading. The connection looks great and the movement looks insanely good. Keep up the good work, Anna, and we’ll catch up soon.

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