Golfers, Here’s How to Warm Up Before a Custom Fitting

Published: 02/24/2022

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PSA – You should never play golf without first properly warming up your body! Although it might feel like you can just jump right into swinging the clubs and start making your way around the course, doing so can lead to injury, which will keep you off the course and away from your favorite hobby for an extended period of time. That’s why it’s important to warm up properly before taking part in any type of golf activity, especially when you’re getting fitted for custom golf clubs.

We checked in with Spencer Rattler, quarterback for the South Carolina Gamecocks, for some simple ways to warm up ahead of his fitting at PXG HQ.

Why Do Golfers Need to Warm Up Before a Custom Fitting?

Let’s start with why golfers need to warm up at all. Warming up helps get your body ready for an activity in several ways. Some of those ways include increasing range of motion, helping you gain flexibility and preventing injuries that can come from doing too much activity too quickly or without proper preparation.

Dynamic Stretching Vs. Static Stretching

Which is Better? Dynamic stretching gets your muscles and joints moving. It involves using your own body weight as resistance and includes movement stretches like lunges and arm circles. Static stretching is slower and uses your own body weight for resistance but does not involve movement. This type of stretching usually involves holding stretches for 30 seconds or more.

Warm Up When You Arrive for Your fitting

Your body is your most important tool on a golf course, and it needs to be able to move freely and fluidly in order for you to reach your full potential. To make sure that happens, you should warm up thoroughly and at length beforehand so that every muscle group can work properly.

Before you arrive for your indoor or outdoor club fitting, consider walking around the location, either the store or the driving range for a few minutes before you jump into the fitting bay.  Once in the bay, take your time and perform some dynamic and static stretches. Once ready, begin to swing at no more than 50% of your typical swing speed.  You can also use your clubs to hold a few stretches. A proper warm up will set you up for a great fitting and prevent any injuries.

Go Through the Full Range of Motion

Before you set foot on the driving range for your custom golf club fitting or swing analysis session, you’ll want to be sure you’re properly warmed up. A good warm-up will not only improve your performance during your session and prevent injury; it will also give your body time to adjust to its natural surroundings. Take at least 15 minutes beforehand and make sure to go through every part of your full range of motion: from stretching and ankle mobility exercises all the way through core activation drills.

Experience a Golf Club Fitting Above the Rest at PXG

Now that you know a bit about the best things you can do before a golf club fitting, why not schedule an appointment with the best golf club fitters? At PXG, there are two easy ways to book your fitting. Simply give our PXG Fitting Department a call at 1.844.FIT.4PXG or book an appointment online with our easy to use scheduling tool.

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