Battle Ready Putters
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Stealth Operation

Elevate your short game in 2021 with PXG's Battle Ready Putters. Fully optimized – from the center-of-gravity (CG) and moment of inertia (MOI), to stability, balance, and weighting – the new Bat Attack and Mustang deliver maximum performance for putts from every distance.

Price is¥50,000
Battle Ready Bat Attack Image

Battle Ready Bat AttackSonic Boom

The Bat Attack is a modified mallet putter with long, contrasting tungsten wings that make for easy, repeatable alignment. This putter offers the MOI and CG benefits of a mallet style putter in a visually smaller package.

PXG Battle Ready Mustang Putter

Battle Ready MustangCalculated Precision

The Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter with tungsten-weighting in the heel and toe, creating an optimal CG for enhancedstability and forgiveness. Angled heel-toe ballasts and geometry parallel to the sight make for exceptional easy alignment at address.

PXG One and Done

One & DonePacking Heat

The visually prominent alignment features on the One & Done Putter, which is part of PXG's celebrated Battle Ready Collection, are designed to dramatically increase confidence when standing over the ball on the green. When your putt absolutely has to drop, call up the One & Done.

PXG Blackjack


Blackjackは安定性を高める深い重心位置をサポートするバイマテリアル構造を採用し、 100% CNCミーリング製法。頼りがいのある高慣性モーメントのマレット型パターです。頼りがいのある高慣性モーメントのマレット型パターです。

PXG GEN2 Spitfire



PXG GEN2 Bat Attack

Bat Attack端正なデザインと高い効率性

GEN2 Bat Attackは端正なデザインで効率的なショットが打てるように設計されたマレット型のパターです。狙いやすいアライメントと正確性を向上させるため、特徴的なヒールトゥウィング・デザインを採用しています。

PXG GEN2 Operator



PXG GEN2 Gunboat



PXG GEN2Mini-Gunboat

Mini Gunboat大きな威力を秘めた小型マレット

Mini GunboatはオリジナルのGunboatパターが持つやさしさと視覚効果によるアライメントサポート機能をそのままにして、さらにコンパクトな作りになった、より万能性を極めたパターです。

PXG GEN2 Lucky "D"

Lucky Dモダンで軽量

Lucky "D"は伝統的なミッドマレットデザインを最新型にアレンジしたパターです。ツアー使用を想定したティアドロップ型のデザインは集中力の乱れを最小限に抑えてくれます。ハイコントラストのアライメントが特徴的な、軽量でコントロール性に優れたパターです。

PXG GEN2 Closer



PXG GEN2 Mustang



PXG GEN2 Brandon



PXG putters are 100% milled, available in nine different head shapes, three hosels and two finishes. Additionally, PXG offers custom putter fittings, so you can be professionally fitted to get the best putter for you and your game. The options are endless with PXG’s milled putters.

Your ideal putter length depends on your height, your putting stroke style, and your visual preference when approaching the golf ball. The best way to know the length of putter you should get is through a PXG custom-putter fitting. We will run through several scenarios and use the Quintic putter fitting system to find the right length putter for you and your game.

Choosing a putter can be a difficult task. The best way to choose a putter is to determine what feels most comfortable in your hands and what gives you the most confidence when approaching the golf ball. From there, a custom putter fitting is a great way to nail down the exact putter that works best for you.