Battle Ready BrandonTactical Machine

Take control on the green with the Battle Ready Brandon Putter, a fan favorite that puts a modern twist on a traditional blade-style design. Featuring high density tungsten in the heel and toe, this putter offers a surprisingly high MOI in a sleek performance-proven package.

Battle Ready Bat Attack Image

Battle Ready Bat AttackSonic Boom

The Bat Attack is a modified mallet putter with long, contrasting tungsten wings that make for easy, repeatable alignment. This putter offers the MOI and CG benefits of a mallet style putter in a visually smaller package.

PXG Battle Ready Mustang Putter

Battle Ready MustangCalculated Precision

The Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter with tungsten-weighting in the heel and toe, creating an optimal CG for enhancedstability and forgiveness. Angled heel-toe ballasts and geometry parallel to the sight make for exceptional easy alignment at address.

PXG Battle Ready One and Done

Battle Ready One & DonePacking Heat

The visually prominent alignment features on the Battle Ready One & Done Putter, which is part of PXG's celebrated Battle Ready Collection, are designed to dramatically increase confidence when standing over the ball on the green. When your putt absolutely has to drop, call up the Battle Ready One & Done.

PXG Battle Ready Blackjack

Battle Ready BlackjackFully Optimized

Part of PXG's celebrated Battle Ready Collection, the Battle Ready Blackjack Putter is a bold, high-MOI mallet-style putter featuring a 100% milled bi-material construction that supports a deep CG location for outstanding stability.

PXG GEN2 Spitfire

GEN2 SpitfireTactical Precision

The Spitfire presents a clean and unique design that is extremely easy to align and exceptionally forgiving, helping golfers lock-in on their target and hole out putts.

PXG GEN2 Bat Attack

GEN2 Bat AttackClean & Efficient

Our GEN2 Bat Attack is an incredibly clean and efficient modified mallet-style putter with distinctive heel-toe wings designed for improved alignment and consistency.

PXG GEN2 Operator

GEN2 OperatorDialed-In Performance

Extremely forgiving, mallet-style putter engineered to be finely tuned for an individual’s stroke style. The Operator is designed for those seeking advanced customization and exceptional forgiveness.

PXG GEN2 Gunboat

GEN2 GunboatSteady & Smooth

The Gunboat is a modern, extremely high MOI mallet-style putter offering increased stability and forgiveness.

PXG GEN2 Mini-Gunboat

GEN2 Mini GunboatSmall But Mighty

The Mini Gunboat combines the forgiveness and visual alignment aids of the original Gunboat putter with the versatility of a smaller profile.

PXG GEN2 Lucky "D"

GEN2 Lucky DModern & Lightweight

The Lucky "D" is modern take on a traditional mid-mallet design. The tour inspired teardrop design minimizes distractions and draws attention to the high-contrast alignment feature. This putter is lightweight for excellent control.

PXG GEN2 Closer

GEN2 CloserThe Stable Blade

Wider bodied blade-style putter for increased stability. Similar to Mustang in MOI performance with more traditional blade-style aesthetics.

PXG GEN2 Mustang

GEN2 MustangAttention to Detail

The Mustang has a unique, high MOI blade-style design that features extreme heel-toe weighting, enhancing confidence at address and the ability to hole out putts.

PXG GEN2 Brandon

GEN2 BrandonThe Modern Traditionalist

The Brandon is a modern take on a traditional blade-style design.