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A Performance Story

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Since its inception, PXG has been committed to developing the world’s finest golf clubs based on a single measure of success … performance. Period. If a club isn’t significantly better than anything else on the market, PXG engineers go back to the drawing board.

To be certain, there are MANY levels of QA that happen with each new club design – including more than a few rounds with PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons himself – to ensure every single golf club performs at the highest level of the game. Prototypes are often put through the wringer by PXG’s tour professionals for testing under the most challenging conditions. That’s where, until recently, you would find the PXG 0811 Proto Drivers.


PXG 0811 X and 0811 X+ Proto Drivers were first spotted on the PGA TOUR in early 2020. And, from the pros’ perspective the drivers are checking all the boxes for increased performance in terms of distance, dispersion, sound, feel, looks, and forgiveness. So, PXG is making a limited number of both golf driver models available to its customers.

The Scoop On The PXG Limited-Edition Proto Drivers
The clubs sport PXG’s precision weighting technology, with four weight ports in the sole. This supports trajectory tuning and creates the opportunity for the overall assembled mass to be adjusted.

Each has an adjustable hosel that can change the loft (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize trajectory.

A Tale Of Two Models
The 0811 X Proto Driver

  • Engineered for players with more level or downward attack angles
  • Low center of gravity, low spin option
  • Available in a 9-degree loft option


The 0811 X+ Proto Driver

  • Engineered for players with upward attack angles 
  • Mid-center of gravity, mid-spin options
  • Available in a 10.5-degree loft option


What The Pros Are Saying

The new PXG Proto Driver is the best driver I’ve ever hit hands down. I didnt think they would have been able to improve on the Gen2 driver but surprisingly, they did by increasing the size of the sweet spot and increasing ball speed. Both which are crucial in hitting bombs and logging lower scores.-James Hahn With one swing, I knew there was something special about the new Proto Driver. I gained 4mph with my ball speed while keeping the same shaft as my previous driver. One swing and I was sold! - Christina Kim The proto driver has been in my bag since my first event of the year in January. I got introduced to it on the range the week of the event and it went straight into the bag. I love the improved feel and it was an instant improvement in consistency, accuracy and distance for me! - Anna Nordqvist

These drivers are all about speed, distance, and accuracy. They’re about helping golfers dial in their game every time they step on the course.

Quantities are limited, so get yours today and experience firsthand what all the hype is about.

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