PXG Iron Blade Lengths – 0311, 0311T & 0311XF

Published: 11/22/2017

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Video Transcript

Hello troops, this is Mike again with another tech Tuesday. This week we’re talking about the variation of our blade lengths across our irons. The variation our blade lengths and our irons from the 0311XF, to 0311 is about 180 thousandths and about 315 thousandths from the 0311XF to the 0311. The first reason for varying our blade length is a longer blade length moves the center of gravity farther away from the shaft axis thus increasing MOI and a higher MOI promotes higher ball speeds on mis-hits.

Secondly, a longer blade length increases the overall head profile of an iron, which breeds confidence in players looking for a game improving iron. On the other end of the spectrum, the 0311T has a shorter blade length reducing the MOI, a lower MOI helps players that are looking to shape shots. From the graphic, you can see the difference between the blade lengths. Until next time troops.

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