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High-Performance Putters to Suit Any Stroke

PXG Battle Ready Spitfire and Closer Putters

Battle Ready Dagger+ /
Classic Control

A modern take on a time-honored design, our Battle Ready Dagger+ delivers complete control. This blade-style putter features tungsten and adjustable sole weighting, a refined alignment system, and our most advanced technology to-date. It’s available in two fixed hosel options – heel shafted and center shafted.

PXG Battle Ready Dagger+

Battle Ready Hercules /
Mighty Machine

A putter built for herculean performance on the green, our Battle Ready Hercules features two sole weights for customizable adjustment and two flanked tungsten inserts for enhanced stability. Its long flange sightline and soft ballasts frame the golf ball, making alignment a breeze.

PXG Battle Ready Hercules

Battle Ready Raptor /
Solid Stability

A boldly designed, putt sinking machine, our Battle Ready Raptor features four adjustable sole weights and prominent sightline stripes for easy alignment. This mallet-style putter presents a rear tungsten insert, allocating mass deep in the clubhead to optimize center of gravity (CG) and deliver killer stroke stability.

PXG Battle Ready Raptor

Battle Ready Blackbird /
Killer Stability

A high MOI mallet-style putter, the Battle Ready Blackbird features the deepest center-of-gravity location, approximately 0.200” further back than in the similar sized Blackjack, One & Done, and Gunboat, for killer stability on every stroke.

PXG Battle Ready Blackbird

Pardon Power

A PXG classic and the most forgiving putter in the Battle Ready lineup, the Battle Ready Gunboat has been re-engineered and fully optimized to boost MOI and build confidence on the green.

Sleek Striker

The Battle Ready Closer is a wide bodied blade-style putter with exceptional stability. The aluminum and tungsten construction create extremely high MOI to help you sink more putts and closeout matches.


The Battle Ready Spitfire is a blade-style putter that has better mass properties than most mallets. Featuring a bi-material construction and innovative design, the Spitfire is extremely easy to align and exceptionally forgiving, helping golfers drop more putts.


The Bat Attack is a modified mallet putter with long, contrasting tungsten wings that make for easy, repeatable alignment. This putter offers the MOI and CG benefits of a mallet style putter in a visually smaller package.


The Battle Ready Mustang is a blade-style putter with tungsten-weighting in the heel and toe, creating an optimal CG for enhanced stability and forgiveness. Angled heel-toe ballasts and geometry parallel to the sight make for exceptional easy alignment at address.

PXG Battle Ready Mustang Putter
Battle Ready One & Done /
Packing Heat

The visually prominent alignment features on the Battle Ready One & Done Putter, which is part of PXG's celebrated Battle Ready Collection, are designed to dramatically increase confidence when standing over the ball on the green. When your putt absolutely has to drop, call up the Battle Ready One & Done.



Part of PXG's celebrated Battle Ready Collection, the Battle Ready Blackjack Putter is a bold, high-MOI mallet-style putter featuring a 100% milled bi-material construction that supports a deep CG location for outstanding stability.


Take control on the green with the Battle Ready Brandon Putter, a fan favorite that puts a modern twist on a traditional blade-style design. Featuring high density tungsten in the heel and toe, this putter offers a surprisingly high MOI in a sleek performance-proven package.

0211 BAYONET /

A traditionally shaped blade and one of the lightest putters in the 0211 lineup, Bayonet is designed to deliver calibrated control. A high MOI blade with a flared cavity and a distinctive Runway Reticle alignment aid, this putter offers impressive forgiveness and aim. The Bayonet also features PXG’s flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology to help golfers sink more putts.


The longest of all the 0211 Putters from heel-to-toe, Clydesdale offers an extremely high MOI for a blade-style putter. Combined with a plumber’s neck hosel, PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology, Clydesdale helps deliver optimum horsepower for outstanding control and accuracy.

0211 HELLCAT /

A smooth glider, the 0211 Hellcat Putter is a heavy blade built for consistent control and ball speed. This putter appeals to golfers who prefer a traditional shape and heavier feel. Hellcat features PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology for outstanding accuracy at any distance.

0211 V-42 /

The 0211 V-42 Putter is a heel shafted, mid-mallet that minimizes distraction and delivers critical precision. Complete with PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid, this crescent-shaped putter also features a top rail dot and slightly flared dual-step geometry for exceptionally easy aim. V-42 also boasts PXG’s flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology for maximum consistency across the face.


The 0211 Lightning Putter delivers extreme control for a stabilized approach on the green. The largest of the 0211 Putters, Lightning features a double bend hosel, PXG’s bold Runway Reticle alignment aid, and flagship Pyramid Face Pattern technology for outstanding accuracy and consistency with every putt.

Putters FAQs

PXG putters are 100% milled, available in nine different head shapes, three hosels and two finishes. Additionally, PXG offers custom putter fittings, so you can be professionally fitted to get the best putter for you and your game. The options are endless with PXG’s milled putters.

Your ideal putter length depends on your height, your putting stroke style, and your visual preference when approaching the golf ball. The best way to know the length of putter you should get is through a PXG custom-putter fitting. We will run through several scenarios and use the Quintic putter fitting system to find the right length putter for you and your game.

Choosing a putter can be a difficult task. The best way to choose a putter is to determine what feels most comfortable in your hands and what gives you the most confidence when approaching the golf ball. From there, a custom putter fitting is a great way to nail down the exact putter that works best for you.