PXG 0311 X GEN5 Driving Iron

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0311 X GEN5 Driving Iron

Driving Iron

A mean aesthetic backed by our industry-leading engineering, the PXG 0311 X Driving Iron produces a low, penetrating ball flight. Featuring our patented core material, a large face area, and longer blade length, this iron delivers insane performance and outrageous forgiveness. The ultimate power tool, the X GEN5 Driving Iron is a hell of a lot better than anything that’s come before it.

Precision Weighting Technology

One heavy weight located near the CG on the back of the clubhead allows golfers to experience various head weight configurations during a fitting to achieve optimal personalized performance.


Engineered for any golfer who desires control in adverse weather and accuracy on narrow fairways.

Technology That Performs

0311 X GEN5 Driving Irons overview


  • Extremely Fast Ball Speeds
  • Penetrating Ball Flight
  • Insane Accuracy
  • Exceptional Distance
  • Incredibly Soft Feel
  • Remarkably Rewarding Sound

PXG 0311 X GEN5 Driving Iron SPECS

Club Lofts Lie Length Bounce Offset (inches)
X 18° 60° 40.125" 0.100"

Black Label Elite

PXG Black Label Elite is available for GEN5  Irons and includes PXG's signature Xtreme Dark finish with access to exclusive upgraded shaft options. The default upgraded shaft will be a Steel Fiber Private Reserve (i110 S-Flex, i95 S-Flex, i70 R-Flex, i60 A-Flex). Black Label Elite customers may also choose from other shaft upgrades in PXG’s extensive matrix at no additional charge.



Performance is our only measure of success. That’s why the nitty-gritty details matter – so your clubs feel like a hand-tailored Italian suit. On the off chance you discover that your club specs could use a little tweak, don’t sweat it. Parsons Xtreme Golf always backs your play. As our performance promise, we offer a complimentary spec check at our retail locations and fitting studios within 1 year of club receipt. If you need us, give Player Support a call at 1.844.PLAY.PXG to get on the books.

0311 X GEN5 Chrome Driving Iron

  • reviews, product
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