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PXG GEN1 Drivers help improve your game by giving you the low spin and distance you need, without sacrificing forgiveness. Each model is engineered with a honeycomb TPE insert, carbon fiber crown, complex variable face design and precision weighting system. Available in three models – PXG 0811X, PXG 0811LX and PXG 0811XF.

The Original PXG 0811 Driver

Featuring 16 moveable weights and an adjustable hosel, the 0811 provides vast fitting options for honing in launch conditions and promoting optimal ball flight.


Carbon Fiber

PXG GEN1 Drivers are built for performance, starting with an ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber crown. Weighing just 8.2 grams, the carbon fiber crown saves nearly 14 grams of mass from the top of the club head that can be redistributed in the sole, helping to lower the CG position and optimize ball flight.

Precision Weighting

Precision Weighting Technology keeps club head mass distributed through a series of weights in the sole to increase MOI. Fine-tuning will alter the initial launch conditions allowing the golfer to achieve the best possible results without changing his or her swing.

TPE Insert

PXG 0811 GEN1 Drivers are designed with a honeycomb TPE insert. TPE, also used in PXG GEN1 Irons, is a high-performance vibration-dampening polymer that enhances the club’s sound and feel. The honeycomb structure helps reduce the mass of the dampening structure, allowing for more weight to be repositioned around the sole of the club to optimize launch conditions.

Complex Variable
Face Design

The high-strength titanium alloy face used in GEN1 Drivers has a complex variable face design, improving the face strength to mass ratio. The innovative design also helps to reduce mass in the face to improve both CG and MOI.

Our lowest spinning, best sounding driver ever.

The Original 0811 Driver Technology

High-Grade Materials

Ti 8-1-1 is a high-grade performance titanium alloy suitable for casting extremely thin walled structures. Intricate geometries are better attained through casting.

High-Strength Face Design

Using a high strength titanium alloy allows for a thinner face, thereby saving critical mass. As a result, mass can be redistributed to various locations within the club head leading to a more optimized ball flight.
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