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Xtreme Forgiveness

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PXG 0311XF GEN1 Irons are game improvement golf clubs that boast extreme forgiveness and a superior feel, while maintaining the sleek look of a blade. The larger profile helps build confidence at address.

Head Size & Offset

Longer blade length with noticeable offset.

Sole Design

Wide sole width creates extreme forgiveness for golfers with a slightly steeper angle of attack.

Vibration Dampening

Large internal cavity injected with TPE lends itself to a superior feel and maximum forgiveness.


PXG 0311 XF GEN1 Irons Specs

Club Loft Lie Length (Inches) Bounce Offset (Inches)
3 18° 60.5° 39½ 5 0.27
4 20.5° 61° 38 6 0.235
5 23° 61.5° 38¼ 7 0.205
6 26° 62° 37 8 0.18
7 30° 62.5° 37 9 0.145
8 34° 63° 36½ 10 0.115
9 39° 63.5° 36 11 0.09
W 44° 64° 35¾ 12 0.07
G 49° 64° 35½ 12 0.06
S 54° 64° 35¼ 12 0.05
L 59° 64° 35 10 0.04


  • Easy to Hit
  • Inspires Confidence
  • High MOI
  • Extremely Forgiving
  • Outstanding Sound & Feel

Fast Fit Your 0311XF GEN1 Iron Set

Important Notice: Try our online fitting tool to custom configure your PXG equipment. If you'd like expert assistance over the phone to "dial in" your PXG equipment, please call our PXG Fitting Experts at 1.844.PLAY.PXG. Our team is available to you seven days a week from 6am-8pm Arizona Time. PXG Clubs are sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee less shipping and a 10% restocking fee.

Club head

1. Configure Your 0311XF GEN1 Irons

Club Dexterity

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Club Finish

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Club shaft

2. Shaft Why Recommended?

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Close up of club grip

3. Grip

Total: $

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If you would like our advice to perfect your fitting, please call our PXG Fitting Experts at 1.844.PLAY.PXG

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