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President’s Picks

Originally Published:

Spring has sprung … and so have new athleisure and golf apparel styles from PXG. The first full Spring/Summer collection from PXG features fresh styling, bold logos and a pop of lilac woven into the signature, monochromatic color scheme.

Under the direction of the President of PXG Apparel, Renee Parsons, the line offers fashion-forward pieces with clean designs, intricate details, luxurious fabrics and sophisticated tailoring that can be appreciated both on and off the course.

Although each piece has its individual, unique edge, Renee admits she does have her favorites.

PXG Big Logo Skirt

Women’s Big Logo Skirt
“This piece exudes boldness. I can’t wait to see fashionable, fearless women sporting this skirt. It brings PXG’s unapologetic, straightforward messaging to life.”

Windowpane Sweater

Women’s Windowpane Sweater & Men’s Windowpane Polo
“This pattern offers timeless elegance in a lightweight knit. I love that the women’s Windowpane Sweater is fashionable and functional for on or off the golf course.”


Women’s Complete Raincoat
“So often, cold-weather athleisure swallows the female figure. I wanted to create a raincoat that gave women silhouette and style.”

Essential Pants

Women’s Essential Pants
“We wanted to give a classic golf pant a modern vibe with logo detailing and a hitched hem. I love that these are comfortable enough to wear on the course and trendy enough to style with a chic coat and flats, for a drink out after.”

Darkness Skirt

Women’s Darkness Skirt
“When I’m golfing, I want to perform my best and look my best. This skirt gives me that versatility. I feel comfortable and stylish – which adds to my confidence on the course.”

Over the past five years, PXG has become known for sparing no expense in the name of making performance-driven and, dare we say, sexy  golf clubs. PXG is taking the same approach with its clothing line. Because nobody makes golf apparel like we do. Period.

See the full line here.

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