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American Entrepreneur Bob Parsons Partners with Japanese Golf Real Estate Powerhouse, Classic Group, to Form PXG Japan

Originally Published:
PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons has partnered with Japanese real estate mogul and Classic Group representative director Yuji Nishimura to form PXG Japan. PXG Japan will drive the distribution of PXG equipment and the PXG club fitting experience for Japanese golfers.
“The forming of PXG Japan is an ideal way to manage and grow the PXG brand in Japan in an authentic way,” said Bob Parsons.
Parsons, best-known for founding, has gained global notoriety for his obsessive passion for golf, a passion that came to a head with the founding of PXG. PXG is a global brand that made an indelible mark on the golf industry in 2015 with the introduction of its groundbreaking golf club technology. The company’s no cost constraints, no time constraints approach to product engineering, and unapologetic focus on performance has garnered intrigue and acclaim from golfers at every level of the game.
Today, PXG’s global footprint includes 44 countries and 17 distribution partners. However, the partnership in Japan is unique. PXG owns a percentage of distributorship enabling the company to more efficiently deploy its innovative distribution model and manage the customer experience.
The Classic Group, headed by Nishimura, is deeply embedded in the golf industry in Japan. The company owns and manages golf clubs, hotels and golf practice facilities throughout the country, including several of the finest – Tokyo Classic and Hokkaido Classic.
“Bob Parsons’ willingness to invest in PXG Japan speaks volumes,” shared Nishimura. “To me it is a clear demonstration of his intent to grow the PXG brand in a way that respects the specific needs of Japanese golfers while delivering the exceptional experience the brand is built on. The Classic Group is honored for the opportunity to help deliver PXG’s vision to the golf community in Japan.”
In their first joint venture, newly formed PXG Japan will introduce an exceptional driving range concept, PXG Osaka. PXG Osaka is 103,750 square-meter facility that features three state-of-the-art fitting studios, a dedicated retail space and three tiers (141 stalls) of hitting bays. The stunning facility is located at 574-0012 Osaka Daito Tatsuma 308-1 and is adjacent to the Hanna Country Club operated by the Classic Group.
“There is nothing in the world like PXG Osaka,” Bob Parsons stated. “It is simply stunning and a beacon of the quality, innovation and performance we plan to deliver with every effort in Japan.”
PXG Osaka will officially open March 16, 2019. Reservations for an exclusive PXG fitting experience at PXG Osaka are currently being taken and can be made by contacting
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