PXG Putters


割引価格 ¥66,000
割引価格 ¥49,500
割引価格 ¥29,700
PXG 0311 GEN5

BATTLE READY II Putters   ¥ 66,000

The same technology that revolutionized PXG Irons is now available in our Battle Ready II Putters. We’ve repositioned the mass and injection-molded each putter with S COR™, a lightweight polymer that bonds with an ultra-thin face, producing impressive distance control and reducing skid distance, no matter where you make contact across the face. The result? Nine putters that are locked and loaded for supreme consistency and stability on every stroke.

PXG 0311 GEN5

Battle Ready Putters   ¥49,500

Engineered with aerospace-grade aluminum and a optimized pyramid face pattern, our Battle Ready putters boast exceptional stability and a satisfyingly crisp sound upon impact. The pyramid face pattern promotes pure roll, reducing skidding and maximizing accuracy for an edge over your opponents. With our Battle Ready putters, you'll experience the ultimate in performance and control.

PXG 0311 GEN5

PXG 0211 Putters   ¥29,700

This stunning lineup includes five putters: V-42, Bayonet, Hellcat, Clydesdale, and Lightning. Each 0211 Putter features PXG’s bold Runway Reticle™ alignment aid and patented Pyramid Face Pattern technology for exceptional accuracy and consistency with every putt, as well as an outstanding sound and feel.