Published: 06/20/2022

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Hitting more greens in regulation (GIR) is a goal that all golfers strive to improve at. Do PXG’s 0211Z Hybrid-Irons help you achieve that? Yes. Does having adequate swing mechanics and mobility help accomplish that goal as well? Also, yes. Having the right golf clubs and fundamental swing mechanics will allow golfers to increase their playing abilities and create a more consistent golf game. PXG Ambassador Christina Ricci gives user-friendly swing and mobility tips to help you start hitting more greens.

About Our PXG 0211Z Hybrid-Irons

PXG’s 0211Z Hybrid-Irons are engineered for all skill levels. Ranging from players who have just started their golf journey to those who have loved the game for decades but are looking for a little extra help. With its larger clubhead design and graphite shaft, the hybrid-iron helps launch the ball higher and offers increased forgiveness for all lie terrains.

Available in a full 10-piece set, woods set, or hybrid-irons set.

The unique design of our 0211Z Hybrid-Irons creates a deep CG (center of gravity) that allows unmatched forgiveness on mishits. The deep clubhead shape of the hybrid-iron is designed to launch the ball with a higher apex for players with slower swing speeds. With its iron-like face design and matte-black contrast towards the back, it helps players have more confidence standing over the ball.

See What Hybrid-Irons Can Do for Your Game at a PXG Location

Get hands-on experience with the 0211 Z Hybrid-Irons by scheduling a PXG fitting near you or buy them online with multiple set options. Never played fitted clubs before? Learn what to expect at your first fitting with our guide today!

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