Published: 08/13/2021

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We asked Swing Coach, Christina Ricci, to give her insight on swing plane and how different angles can help better your swing. Want more videos like this one? Be sure to check out our other golf tip videos, club reviews, tech snapshots, and so much more.

Video Transcript

Aw. Is that you? Topping all your shots from the fairway?

Doing a little hula hooping. You want more pars? The swing plane is a circle. Here it is. But it’s tilted. There it is. Where players go off is with their 3-wood, they get their circle too tilted vertical. All right. So, this is a vertical circle. This is a flatter circle. Now why does that matter with the 3-wood?

Well, the 3-wood is second in command to the driver. All right. So, it wants to be a little bit more around your body versus up and down. All right. You can get away with a little up and down with your shorter clubs, but with the 3-wood, no bueno. You can’t. All right, this is a really important point. I’m coming in close because it’s super important. These two clubs, driver and 3-wood, do not like steep. They’re not pals.

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