PXG hybrids

PXG hybrids deliver maximum distance and accuracy. Designed with innovative technology inside and out, including a Precision Weighting System, PXG hybrids enable golfers to fine-tune launch conditions for optimal performance.

game-changing technology

Low spin with extra punch

Featuring a lightweight carbon fiber crown, honeycomb TPE insert and weight-forward design, the 0317X hybrids generate low spin and impressive forgiveness.

Fine-tune your swing

PXG 0317 hybrids feature an adjustable Precision Weighting System with seven strategically placed interchangeable weights on the sole. This allow players to optimize trajectory to achieve both maximum distance and accuracy.

two incredible choices

To learn more about the PXG X Collection or book a fitting, call 03-6452-3407.

PXG hybrids are an absolute necessity for my game. The innovative technology in both the original and X Collection offer an extensive range of fitting options, which gives me the confidence I need to play great golf. With PXG, it’s that simple.


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