PXG Drivers

PXG drivers present unmatched distance, sound and feel, with fine-tuning options like you’ve never seen. Game-changing innovations in materials and manufacturing processes have led to the development of three exceptional driver collections designed to fit golfers at every level of the game.

Driven to Perform

Low Spin. Incredible distance.

Engineered with a honeycomb TPE insert, carbon fiber crown, complex variable face design, and precision weighting system, the 0811X generates incredible distance with an unmatched sound and feel.

Less weight. More distance.

Designed with the same high-performance technology as the 0811X driver for incredible distance and low spin, but weighing 8g less, the 0811LX has an xtremely low CG design and high MOI.

Raw power. Vast fitting options.

Featuring 16 moveable weights and an adjustable hosel, the 0811 provides vast fitting options for honing in launch conditions and promoting optimal ball flight.

Draw Your Weapon

To learn more about the PXG X Collection or book a fitting, call 03-6452-3407.

The PXG 0811X driver is money. I won on tour with an early prototype and am now bagging the production model, which has truly enhanced my game from the tee. As a player who loves the long-ball, I’m getting incredible distance with an indescribable sound and feel, and my confidence is through the roof.


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