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PXG Fitting Process

What to expect during our superior golf club fitting experience.

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Our Process

PXG Fittings deliver an immersive, fun experience focused entirely on you. Our Master Fitters are true product and fitting experts, armed with top-notch performance tracking technology, industry-leading components, and uncompromising customer focus.

With your performance goals in mind, PXG Master fitters will guide you through the fitting process where you’ll have access to PXG’s wide range of game-changing clubheads, an extensive menu of premium shafts, the ideal grip for your grab, and the best service in the industry – hands down! 




Bring your current clubs you’d like to work on, golf shoes and glove. Please arrive 10 minutes before your fitting so you have enough time to stretch and warm up.




When you arrive at your fitting, your fitter will spend time listening to your preferences and learning about your game. Together you will discuss your playing history, as well as your personal goals. Your fitter will seek to understand your skill level and will take time to introduce PXG and our products.




Your fitting experience will begin with your existing clubs if you brought them. We'll establish your baseline performance and find areas in need of improvement.



Dial-In Club Heads, Shafts, Lie Angles, Swing Weights, and more

On to the fun part … seeing your game improve! Your fitter will select the PXG clubheads and shafts that best suit your game. Emphasis will be placed on improving your total club-by-club performance, ball flight, mis-hits, and consistency.

We look at your common misses to determine the best set up for you. We will efficiently manage the number of swings you make to ensure you can deliver your best swings throughout the fitting experience. However, if at any point you feel fatigued, take a break. This is your session, your fitter is not in a hurry and you are in control.




Your fitter will show you the data from your session, explaining the numbers in as much detail as you need and/or want. Based on the numbers and, more importantly, your input, your fitter will recommend the set they believe will best support your performance and enjoyment of the game.

Place your order or take some time to decide, the choice is yours!



Let Our Club Builders Go To Work

The components you’ve selected are painstakingly assembled by hand in our facility by master builders with years of experience. Your custom clubs will be built to the tightest tolerances so that the club specifications determined in your golf club fitting end up in your bag. Custom touches you’ve specified are also incorporated during your build.

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