Offres pour sac complet GEN5

Économisez gros sur notre gamme vedette GEN5 avec nos offres pour sac complet GEN5! Choisissez votre ensemble ci-dessous.

Si vous ne voyez pas ce que vous cherchez, veuillez appeler au 1.866.YES.4PXG ou planifier un ajustement sur mesure en ligne.

Fitting fees are applied to any equipment purchased.

In-Person Pricing

Full Bag (2 hrs)

All Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter


Woods (1 hr)

Driver, Fairways, & Hybrids


Irons (1 hr)

Irons & Wedges


Putter (1 hr)




Get fit over the phone with a PXG Fitting Specialist! Our fitting specialists are product experts who are trained to guide you into the right golf club set-up for your swing and skill level. 

Ideal for players who have a general idea of what they want, fittings over the phone are free.

Fitting FAQs

If you can't find the answers you are looking for, please call Sales & Support at 1.866.YES.4PXG .

From PXG Stores to partner fitting facilities, PXG has hundreds of fitting locations to choose from. Find a location near you and book your fitting here. If you need help finding the best location for you, have questions about PXG fittings, or want to speak to a PXG Fitting Specialist by phone, call the PXG Fitting Department at  1.866.YES.4PXG

Fittings will typically take 30 min to an hour for a single or multiple club fitting and 2 hours for a full bag fitting.

Existing Clubs: We highly recommend that you bring your current set of clubs, if you have them. This will allow your PXG Fitting Specialist to see what you’re working with and quickly identify where we can make improvements. It also allows us to show you the performance comparison between your current set-up and PXG’s world class equipment.

Footwear And Golf Glove: For fittings at PXG Stores and indoor fitting studios, we recommend you bring your golf shoes and a golf glove, if you have them.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of golf facilities making it easy to schedule an outdoor fitting at a location convenient to you. Find a location near you here.

Every Fit-by-Phone experience is led by a professional PXG Fitting Specialist. Sessions consist of an in-depth interview focusing on each customer’s current equipment, playing history, physical limitations, overall strengths and weaknesses, and the areas they’re looking to see improvement. The process can vary between 30-to-90 minutes depending on the player’s questions and the golf equipment they are looking to purchase.

From preferred shot shape and handicap, to swing tempo and shaft flex preference, PXG Fitting Specialists consider every aspect of a player’s game to improve ball flight, distance, accuracy, and confidence.

Fitting Specialists assist in choosing the PXG clubheads and premium shafts from our matrix that best match the player's natural characteristics using the information gathered during the one-on-one session. The optimal club design is then achieved by fine-tuning the loft, lie, and weighing criteria. The Fit-by-Phone experience is a fantastic choice for gamers with time or geographic restrictions, or for those who want a non-contact fitting. We also recognize that hitting in front of a Fitting Specialist may be nerve-wracking, so speaking over the phone enables all players to have an in-depth discussion about their game and personal objectives.

The swing weight affects various aspects of your ball flight, including your ability to control the club, the clubhead speed, and the overall feel of the shot.

A higher swing weight, indicating a heavier clubhead, can provide more control during the swing and potentially help you maintain a consistent swing path. While a lighter swing weight can make it easier to generate clubhead speed, as less effort is required to swing the club.

The right swing weight for you will depend on a variety of factors. A fitting will help determine the optimal swing weight and other specifications tailored to your swing characteristics and preferences.

The fitting fee is applied towards purchase.

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