How PXG’s Perimeter Weighted Irons Will Change Your Game for Good

Published: 11/04/2021

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PXG’s unwavering commitment to research, innovation, development, and engineering broke the mold for golf club design. Since bursting onto the scene in 2014, PXG’s flagship 0311 Irons continue to demonstrate the performance enhancing benefits of personalized club configuration.

Leading the charge in engineering advancements, our patented Precision Weighting Technology has helped thousands of golfers enjoy lower scores around the world. In order to help you understand more about the importance of this technology, let’s take a deep dive into what our club weighting technology is, and how it elevates your experience giving you that special touch out on the golf course.

What Is Perimeter Weighting?

“What do those little screws actually do?” We’ve heard that question a lot! In order to understand how our perimeter weighting actually helps players, we need to take a quick class in understanding moment of inertia or MOI.

More MOI, More Forgiveness

In simple terms, MOI is the measure of how much resistance a clubhead has to twisting. The more resistance a clubhead has, the higher the MOI and, importantly for golfers, the more forgiving the club is. More forgiveness on off-centered hits mean you’ll enjoy a more consistent ball flight, and you’ll find the fairway much more often.

How Do PXG Engineers Create Higher Levels of MOI?

In order to create higher levels of MOI in PXG’s 0311 GEN4 Irons, our engineers added a large weight near the center of gravity on the back of the clubhead.  This system allows our Fitting Specialists to dial in the club configuration for players of all skill levels using lightweight titanium or heavier tungsten weights.

The large weight can be adjusted in 2-gram increments during the fitting process to allow golfers to experience various head weight configurations and achieve optimal, personalized performance.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that weighting is not intended to be adjusted after purchase.

Choosing the Right Weights for Your PXG Irons

Choosing the right weight configuration for your irons can be tricky to say the least. Also, if a golf club feels too heavy, a player may generate less clubhead speed, and thus, less distance.  If a clubhead feels too light, the player may find it more difficult to control the club, then impacting proper swing path and consistency. Beyond that, changing the length of the club, the shaft selection, and grip choice can all change the swing weight distribution.

Here at PXG, we have six swing weight ranges from A to F and each range has 10 specific values within it, from 0 to 9. With the lightest swing weight at A0 while the heaviest swing weight available at F9.

Take Your Game to the Next Level With Proper Iron Weighting From PXG

As the old saying goes, “golf is a game of inches.” At PXG, we believe that very same mindset should be adopted with your choice of equipment. It’s why we’ve taken club weighting to a whole new level. And as you can see when it comes to the weight of the iron head, it can really influence a player’s game. From distance and ball flight to shot shaping and workability, club weighting makes a huge difference. Even down to the overall feel throughout the swing.  It’s precisely why PXG provides the best fitting experience around giving PXG Troops the opportunity to configure each iron to their own specifications.

Drop Your Score, Not Your Swing. Schedule Your PXG Fitting Experience Today!

Shoot lower scores and hit better shots without adjusting your swing mechanics. At PXG, we help players to find joy in the game – no matter their skill level.  From beginners to advanced golfers, a properly fitted golf club and game enhancing technology is the recipe to discovering lower scores and having even more fun on the course.

Getting fit for clubs is easy at PXG. Simply reach out to our Player Support team at 844.PLAY.PXG to get fitted over the phone, or find a PXG fitting location near you to get scheduled online today!

Already Been Fitted for Clubs but Having Trouble Picking the Right Iron Weight Configuration? We’re Here to Help!

If you’ve been through a PXG Fitting Experience and you’re still not exactly sure which swing weight might be beneficial to your game, we recommend working with our Player Support team, available by calling 844.PLAY.PXG or scheduling a fitting to test out the various swing weights and see in real time how heavier or lighter iron heads may influence your game.

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