How to Handle Difficult Shot Lies – David Morris

Published: 11/19/2021

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Playing it where it lies isn’t always ideal. It’s why we asked PXG Staff Professional David Morris to share some tips on how he gets out of difficult lies.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name’s David Morris, PXG staff professional here in the UK.

I’m at Coxmoor Golf Club here in Nottinghamshire, and I’ve left myself a not very nice shot. So you can see, it’s not nice. It’s in the heather, and I’ve got a really nasty shot over the gorse bushes and off to a short side.

So I just want to talk to you about the way I would play this. I’m going to take quite a wide stance in this instance. I’m going to open my club face up, and I’m going to play this almost like a monkey shot, really. So I’m going to open the club face up for the reason that, quite often when you come into a rough grass, it will turn the club over.

So I’m going to aim ever so slightly right. If it turns the club over, it should end up ever so slightly left but still a decent result. What I’m going to do here is create plenty of speed so the ball will pop out. I would expect all of this rough grass to cushion the blow there.

So let’s give it a go.

Not so bad.

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