The PXG Files Episode 2 – Shaking Up College Golf Sponsorships

Published: 01/03/2018

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Find out why PXG will NEVER make women’s golf clubs, how the brand is shaking-up college golf sponsorships, and see what Paige and Bob have to say about the new LPGA dress code. Plus, Bob answers a blog commenter who accuses him of wearing Loudmouth® pants.

Video Transcript

Bob Parsons:  Hi I’m Bob Parsons, here with Paige.

Paige Spiranac: Welcome to the PXG files Episode 2.

Bob Parsons: Paige what’s the internet asking us today?

Paige Spiranac: PG-rated questions only.

Bob Parsons: That’s probably for the best.

Paige Spiranac: Sure, okay here’s a question from one of the PXG Social Feeds. Does PXG make women’s clubs?

Bob Parsons: Well actually Paige, we don’t make women’s clubs, and we’ll never make women’s clubs. The companies that make women’s clubs, sell them off the rack, they are not custom-fit and they assume that the woman cannot play golf and she’s a rank beginner. So if a woman has any game at all, her clubs are not going to fit her and for a beginner having clubs that fit is really important. So, what we do is we custom fit the clubs to whatever the woman’s ability is. Now, along those lines. We don’t make men’s clubs either we don’t make clubs that are fit for any particular gender, ability or age. But regardless of your gender, ability or age our clubs are custom fit, so they will get the most out of the golfer’s game, and that’s the PXG way.

Paige Spiranac: I love that, and more on the topic of women and golf, I think more people should know what PXG is doing with its university program.

Bob Parsons: Well here’s the deal. We sponsor a number of top colleges now, and we’ve learned that most companies, when they sponsor the men’s team at a university, you know that’s all they’re interested in. And so they’ll provide the men’s team with custom fit clubs. They’ll provide the men’s team with sometimes subsidies to offset expense, and rarely does that go to the women’s team. You know, if they do anything for the women’s team, they might give them a little discount on the clubs. Now, our policy is that whatever we do for the men’s team we will do for the woman’s team. And also if you’re the coach of the women’s team, feel free to call us. We’ll sponsor just a women’s team and be delighted to do that and also we’d like to sponsor the men’s team. So if you want to enquire at PXG as to getting on our college program just send an email to university at

Paige Spiranac: As a former D1 college golfer, I think that’s awesome, and I know it means a lot to the players and the coaches.

Bob Parsons: Flat out – we want to help golf.

Paige Spiranac: Equality, I love it.

Bob Parsons: Paige, next topic up – I know you’ve got a lot to say about the newish LPGA dress codes.

Paige Spiranac: Yes, so here’s my take. Women are shaped like women. You can’t always hide that nor should you have to. Plus a lot of the new rules seem vague and overreaching. The rule against plunging tops – what does plunging even mean? On a bustier woman, a lot of tops plunge. The rule about skirt lengths under shorts can’t show even when bending over. They’re just shorts. I know a lot of women who don’t like the new rules, but they don’t feel that they can speak out, what do you think?

Bob Parsons: Well, you know Paige I think there’s a lot to say there and I’ll pretty much leave that to you. But I will say that the LPGA can use any support it can get. And the new dress code limits what golf apparel manufacturers can do. So leave it at that.

Paige Spiranac: Speaking of the LPGA, you have some exciting news.

Bob Parsons: You know I do, Paige. I am pleased to announce that PXG has signed on its LPGA Tour staff two outstanding golfers. Anna Nordqvist and Katherine Kirk.

Paige Spiranac: That’s amazing, and welcome to the family. All right, Bob, on the last video blog you hit me with some tough social media comments. This time I’ve got one for you. This is from Robert L: “Ka boom, baby! I bet number one, Bob Parsons wearss loudmouth pants, and two, no one at PXG has the courage to tell him to stop doing these ads.

Bob Parsons: Well here’s the deal Paige, I usually don’t wear pants. No relax. What I wear – I usually wear Bermuda shorts. I live in Arizona it’s always warm here.

Paige Spiranac: Makes sense.

Bob Parsons: And I determine what the dress code of PXG is, so shorts are good. So buddy, you lost that bet and as far as people on my team being afraid to tell me anything. Man, they tell me stuff all the time you know, they’re not afraid of anything. But they’re smart enough to tell me when something doesn’t work, because we’re all in this together and I’m gonna tell you what. Again my friend, right now our ads are working. Well, that’s a wrap for this episode at a PXG files with Bob and Paige. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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