How to hit a Pitch Shot

Published: 05/27/2020

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Andrew Kegarise here from Hay Harbor Golf Club in New York.

We’re at Scottsdale National in Arizona. It’s awesome. We’re gonna give you a quick tip on pitching.

What we want you to do here pitching, is not to use the hands and the arms as the energy source, as the power for the shot. What we want to do is turn the body through, really get the chest moving. Keep the momentum of the club swinging, rather than the wrists breaking down.

One drill I like to use – and it’s a tough one at first. But it’s going to help. Is to go to the backswing position and stop, and then feel the wrong way. Which is the wrist kind of breaking down, and then feel the right way. Which is the chest turning open.

You can see the left wrist is going to stay really flat. See if we can do it correctly here what it’ll look like. We’ll go back, we’ll stop, and then we’ll turn through and look for that left wrist to stay flat like that.

Thanks guys.

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