Nicole Cavarra – Establishing Sequence Of Motion In Your Golf Swing

Published: 05/27/2020

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Video Transcript

Hi I’m Nicole Cavarra from the Aspen Glen Club in Colorado, and The Boulders Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona. And we’re gonna talk a little bit today about sequence of motion and how to establish that in your golf swing.

So one of the easiest tips you can do maybe when you’re just warming up or having trouble understanding how to start your motion to the golf ball, is make a nice athletic motion here. Will actually allow you, even though it’s a bit of an exaggeration, to move your feet. So you’ll be using your target foot. Stepping away from the target to create your load, stepping towards your target, before you create your strike. You can even do that on a golf ball. So you’re learning to move over to that target foot before you deliver your blow which will help you create leg power and consistency.

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