How to Find Consistent Distance Control on the Green

Published: 09/08/2021

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From the tee box to the green, there are endless practice drills and tips that can elevate your game to the next level. PXG Ambassador Alex Riggs takes us to the putting green to discuss the importance of distance control and how it can help you decrease those dreaded three putts and increase your chances of finding the bottom of the cup.

Video Transcript

Alex Riggs:

Hello everyone. My name is Alex Riggs, and today I’m going to give you a way to practice your distance control. Now I’d like for you to think about distance control like you’re just playing catch with a friend. You guys are tossing the ball back and forth. If you happen to separate by a certain distance, your brain just adapts. We don’t overthink this. We don’t get too technical in the movement itself.

Now I’ve got a couple of putts here. As you can see, I’ve got an alignment stick laying on the ground. I’m going to give myself an easy directional target. I’ve got an alignment stick that’s 3½ to 4 feet long, so that I can really put my brain into a focus of distance control only. My task that I’m going to give myself is to see if I can just snuggle up to that alignment stick without rolling over it too far or leaving it too short. It’s purely about speed. We’ll give this a go.

Okay. That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Just that little tap against the stick. You can see I’m now going to back up, and I’m going to try the same task from here. Slightly longer, so I need to adapt to this change in distance. What do you know? Two for two. Okay. That’s what we’re looking for.

Now, we’re going to test this out with a hole. To simplify my task, I’m not going to overthink the hole itself. I’m going to tell myself my task is to touch the alignment stick. Let’s see how we do. Okay. From this distance for me to be a foot and a half away is a great putt. Now that’s exactly how I want you guys at home to be thinking about distance control. Let’s work on the pace and let’s ease up on the direction. Make the task easier for this brain and you’ll start three putting much, much less on the golf course.

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