How to Hit Uphill Bunker Shots

Published: 04/14/2021

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Ryan Hybl, Head Golf Coach at the University of Oklahoma. I’m here with my assistant, Bill Alcorn, and we’re going to demonstrate today how to hit uphill bunker shots. Very difficult shot and as we get in here, you can see Bill’s on a pretty severe lie.

Right now, he has his PXG lob wedge, his 58-degree. He’s set up in a little bit on his left and boy, oh, boy, the ball is exposed.

First thing that’s coming to our mind, blading it, chunking it. I’ve been there, you’ve been there. What we’re going to do is change out the club. We’re going to go to his PXG gap wedge, 52 degree.

We’re going to set in there with the terrain. You see how he’s back in? He still has an open face, and we’re going to utilize the bounce. Typically, on your lob wedge, you have a little bit less bounce than what you’re going to have on this 52 degree.

So, that bounce, more bounce is going to let you be able to splash the sand and eliminate the chunk and the blade all at one time.

Fire away, Bill.

Beautiful. Almost flew it in the hole.

The whole point is to eliminate mistakes and to give our worst shot, the best opportunity for us to still keep playing golf. Eliminate the blade and the chunk by downgrading your loft, and get into that gap wedge on an uphill bunker shot.


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