Gary Player Reviews New PXG 0211 Z Golf Clubs

Published: 11/15/2021

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PXG is dedicated to the game of golf and creating a movement in which being out on the course is something that everyone can enjoy. And it’s why we’ve engineered our new 0211 Z Golf Clubs, specifically designed for beginners, high handicappers and players with slower swing speeds.

Simply put, it’s never been easier to play better golf almost immediately. Improve your performance and find more joy from tee to green. Watch PXG Ambassador Gary Player give his firsthand review on the new performance of the 0211 Z driver, hybrid and hybrid-irons.

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Video Transcript

Well, let’s have a look at these clubs here now. I mean, this is just so fantastic to see this. Now you can imagine, having played golf 72 years ago, what I was accustomed to and gradually came along as change took place. As Winston Churchill said, “Change is the price of survival.” This is what’s happened in the game of golf. We’ve changed the clubs. We’ve changed the greens. We’ve changed the fairways. We’ve changed all grasses. Everything has been changed and for the better. What’s going to happen in the future? This is what many people are not realizing now.

I said a man, one day, on British television, would hit the ball 400 yards. They laughed at me. I’m telling you now. One day, they’ll hit it 500 yards. When you get a LeBron James come out here, who has a flair for golf, he’ll hit it 500 yards. But it’s been great to see all this change. What we’re seeing is on television all the time. But what about the people, the majority, who are the game, not the pros, not us. The majority of the game are the old ladies, the old men, members of golf clubs that are playing today that keep the game going.

Now, we’ve got to think about them. The moment of inertia… That means you got to have some fat, some meat behind the club, which gets the ball up in the air. What is the weakness with an elderly golfer? They can’t get the ball in the air. That’s why I’m so against golf architects that put bunkers in front of the greens because the average member cannot hit the ball over the green and stop the ball. Put the trouble on the sides, guys. Don’t put it in front of the greens; because remember who’s the heart of the game.

This is the 0211 Z. Now, look at this club. You can see it so very, very easily. Look, as I call it, so people understand, the meat at the back of the club; so much weight here that enables you to get the ball up in the air. When you’re an elderly person, now when you hit it, you can really feel it come off the club, which is so important. You never thought you’d get to between 70 and 90 and be able to hit a ball and say, “Gee, that felt good.” Look at this. Now, you can.

All right, let’s try this. Right. Now, we’re going to see how it gets. Quite a few. That went so straight. I had to lean-over sideways to see the flag.

Look at this now. You don’t have to hit hard. You just stand there and take a normal swing. Look at the height on that. Never, in my prime, could I stand there and hit the ball as high as I can with this club. Neither did I, in my prime, be able to take these little rescue clubs. The first club I have in my bag is a 6-iron. The rest are rescue clubs. Just amazing how you can play them out of the bunker. You can play them out of a divot. It’s amazing. What has happened is magic. When you look at it from my point of view, who started 70 years ago, telling somebody today that it’s magic, they can’t quite grasp it to the extent that I can. But when you’ve played with junk, and you come to peaches and cream, you notice the difference unless you’re a turkey.

Okay. Now, we have the driver for the higher handicap, the MOI. Right there, we can take that out, that little screw. We can put a heavier one in there, if we like, to make the ball get up higher. You also can adjust the loft right here if you want to, if you’re hitting it too high or too low as well. You’ve got two things that can help you. Also, the way the club lies on the ground is important. The club has always got to lie like that. That’s too flat, which will make you cut more. That’s too upright, which will make you draw more. The right lie for you is absolutely essential, as the right shaft is the right… The grip is important for you. If you’ve got tiny hands, you don’t want to have fat grips. If you’ve got big hands, you don’t want to have thin grips. The grip is very important as well. All these things make a difference.

Now, let’s see if I [inaudible 00:04:40] this ball how high this goes in the air. Look at that. My goodness me; comes down like a butterfly with no feet. Look at that. Wow! Man! That’s so high. I’m going to tee this one low. I’ll guarantee you: I can get this up in the air. Watch that. Low. My goodness me. That is a rainmaker that. Thank you, Mr. PXG. I appreciate it.

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