Published: 07/02/2021

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We asked certified fitness coach and PXG Ambassador, Elise Lobb Dzingel, to share her pre-round warmup exercises that will help you feel better and play better on the course.

Video Transcript

Hi guys. My name is Elise Lobb Dzingel, and I’m a certified golf fitness specialist. Today. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite must-have-in-your-routine warmups before hitting the range or going to play 18.

So my first tip is for trunk mobility and rotation. You’ll be needing your driver for this. The key is to have your palms facing out. You’ll address like you’re hitting your golf ball, keeping your back and head straight. Now from here, you’re kind of doing it like you’re hitting your own golf shot. You’ll do this for 10 to 15 times or as much needed.

For my next tip, we are putting away our driver and taking out our iron. It doesn’t really matter which iron you use. I’m using a 6-iron. This one is one of my most favorites. It is for your shoulder stretch. We’re going to be taking one of your palms facing up and one of them facing down. It doesn’t matter which way you start, but the key, whichever palm is facing up, flip it that way. Otherwise, it gets pretty tricky. You’ll hold this for about 10 to 15 seconds, whatever feels comfortable for you. Then we’ll flip it over palm down, palm up. Remember, like I said, it does get tricky. Whichever palm is facing up, flip it that way. And it’s kind of funny too, because you’ll know what shoulder needs the extra stretch.

This is one of my favorites for hip flexor stretch. We’re going to lunge back, but in this position your back leg is going to be straight. We’re going to take your arm up and really get a nice long, good stretch. Make sure you’re not sinking that shoulder, standing up tall. Hold this for about 20 seconds. We will switch sides. And, if sometimes this might not be enough [CC1] for you before you hit the course, you can take your arm up again if you need a little extra. Standing nice and tall, hold for 20 seconds, and then you’re ready to hit the course.

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