Published: 09/17/2020

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Unlocking performance with proper golf club gapping is particularly important for your wedge game in and around the greens.

Gapping refers to the intervals between your shot distances with different clubs. The size of the gap depends on how much speed you have. For wedge gapping you want to identify the highest lofted club you plan to carry (generally 58 or 60 degrees) and how far you hit it on a full swing. Then determine how far you hit your 9 iron. Take the gap between those two distances and divide it by how many wedges you plan to carry. Here’s an example:

Say you have four wedges in your bag. You hit your 60-degree wedge 85 yards and your 9 iron 145 yards. That means you need to cover 60 yards across four wedges in 15-yard gaps. In this scenario, you should have lofts set to hit your sand wedge 100 yards, gap wedge 115 yards, and pitching wedge 130 yards.

Gapping is important to maximize the utility of each club. As golfers, we are limited to 14 clubs and we want to cover a large range of distances with minimal intervals. Proper gapping makes sure that no two clubs go similar distances.

The easiest way to adjust your distance is with loft. Changing loft by one degree generally changes carry distance by roughly two to three yards.


Available in lofts of 50 through 64 degrees with 2-degree increments and two sole designs (the 09 and 07), the Sugar Daddy is precision engineered for unbelievable performance.

The number designations, 09 and 07, refer to “effective bounce.” The bounce of a club is a measurement of the angle between the sole and the ground. Effective bounce takes this bounce angle into account along with several other factors to give an overall description of how the wedge performs.

The Sugar Daddy 09 Sole is a traditional, versatile design. It has a moderate initial angle with a blended sole that performs well in a variety of playing conditions.

The Sugar Daddy 07 Sole has a much steeper initial angle than the 09, paired with a more forward contact point and significant heel relief. This combination works well for players who like to have some forward shaft lean on chips and fuller shots or for those who have a steep angle of attack.

Learn more about measured versus effective bounce for PXG Wedges in this “Tech Tuesday” YouTube video with PXG Senior R&D Engineer Caleb Kroloff.

0311 Sugar Daddy Wedge Spec Sheet


Available in lofts of 50 through 62 degrees in 2-degree increments, 0311 Forged Wedges offer a traditional and highly versatile sole designed to perform well in virtually any turf condition.

Innovative technologies like our Full Face Grooves, High Toe Weighting and unique sole design combine to offer tremendous versatility and forgiveness. Engineered with a moderate taper from heel to toe, these wedges allow the clubhead to be open and keep the lead edge closer to the ground. A moderate camber from front to back ensures ample bounce on full swings with plenty of relief for flop shots.

0311 Forged Wedge Spec Sheet


Getting custom fit for PXG golf clubs helps ensure you have the right loft on all of your golf clubs. This includes having your wedges precision gapped by a PXG Fitting Specialist. The ability to fine-tune your clubs to your individual swing helps you put together consistently better rounds and have more fun on the course.  

Ready to get fit? Click here to find a fitting location near you or dial in your wedge specs here.

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