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About the PXG for Heroes Program

"Thank You" program for former and current military.

What's Included in the PXG for Heroes Program

Special pricing on PXG clubs, apparel, and accessories.

How to join the PXG for Heroes Program

Book an in person fitting or call 0800 066 9449 to get fitted over the phone.


PXG for Heroes™ is designed to provide the world’s finest golf equipment and gear to our nation’s finest – the men and women of the British Armed Forces and Veterans Community.

Anyone who has one of the below is invited to purchase PXG clubs at a special price as a thank you for your service:

  • British Armed Forces Identity Card
  • HM Armed Forces Veterans Card
  • MOD form 90

To qualify for this program, you must be either currently serving in or a former member of:

  • The British Army
  • The Royal Navy
  • The Royal Marines
  • The Royal Airforce
  • The Army Reserve


  • Buy PXG clubs at an in-person PXG Fitting at one of our UK fitting locations near you.
  • Speak with a PXG Customer Fitting Assistant by calling us at 0800 066 9449.
  • Buy certain PXG Accessories at a special Heroes discount

To take advantage of the UK Heroes Program via:

In-Person Fitting – you must present your Valid Military ID Card, Veterans ID Card, or MOD form 90; to the fitter at the time of purchase. The name on the chosen form of Valid Military ID must match the name on the payment card used. (The special pricing will not be honoured if no card can be presented).

Over-the-Phone-Fittings – you must email a photo of your chosen form of Valid Military ID, Veterans ID Card, or MOD form 90 to ukheroes@pxg.com. Once the order is complete the email with card information will be deleted while you are on the phone with us.

Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange a video fitting where you must show your ID card to the fitter; please reach out to ukheroes@pxg.com to arrange. Please note that the name on your payment method should match the name on your ID card. (The special pricing will not be honoured if ID card can’t be presented).

For additional details about the UK PXG Heroes program, email ukheroes@pxg.com or call 0800 066 9449 .

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