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Dial in your specs to sink more putts with a fully optimized, PXG Battle Ready Putter.

To help you find the ideal PXG Battle Ready Putter for your game, we’ve created short fitting videos to guide you to the best configuration. These fitting videos are designed to help you select and configure your ideal head shape, hosel style, loft, lie, shaft length, grip and weighting. No matter your putting style, our high-performance Battle Ready putters will help you take control on the green.

1. Choose Dexterity

2. Choose a Head

Brandon club head


Mustang club head


Bat Attack club head

Bat Attack

Blackjack club head


One and Done club head

One & Done

Spitfire club head


Closer club head


Blackbird club head


Gunboat club head


3. Choose a Hosel

Plumber's Neck

For players who slightly rotate the club head
Play Plumber's Neck Video Play Plumber's Neck Video

Heel Shafted

For players who over rotate the club head
Play Heel Shafted Video Play Heel Shafted Video

Double Bend

For players who tend to push the ball
Play Double Bend Video Play Double Bend Video

Center Shafted

For players who tend to push the ball
Play Double Bend Video Play Center Shaft Video

4. Configure Shaft Length

Spine angle and hand position in a putting stroke are heavily influenced by the length of the putter. A proper length putter will fit comfortably in the hands at setup and allow for a natural and free flowing putting stroke. PXG's Standard Putter Length is 34”.

5. Configure Loft

6. Configure Lie

7. Configure Grip

8. Weighting and Balance

Weight kit

Battle Ready Putters come standard with a stock head weight that's dependent upon the model and hosel you choose. By adding a PXG Weight Kit to your order, you may adjust the head weight of your putter down by at least -15g or up by at least +20g.


Club head
Club shaft
Close up of club grip



All Blackjack putters come with our new Darkness Headcover

Battle Ready Putter Fitting Putter:
Heroes Price Consideration:

If you would like advice to perfect your fitting, please contact our PXG Fitting Experts at

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