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PXG 0811 X Prototype Driver

Tour Tested

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PXG 0811 X Prototype Driver

Tour Tested

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I absolutely love the design and shape of the new Prototype driver. The sound as the ball comes off the face, makes me feel like I’m hitting a long way!
Lydia Ko
LPGA Tour Pro
I love the new PXG Prototype driver because it increased my ball speed, without adding spin off the face. So for me, it added distance, while my driving accuracy remained the same.
Ryan Moore
PGA Tour Pro

Next Level Performance

The PXG 0811 X Prototype Driver is a prototype currently available to our tour staff and now to you. The release is predicated on the positive response from our tour staff and our desire to get this new driver technology in the hands of the most important golfers we serve, you.

The 0811 X Prototype Driver is a low center of gravity (CG), lower spin option.

Angle of Attack

Engineered for players with more level or downward attack angles.

Precision Weighting Technology

Four weight ports in the sole support trajectory tuning and create the opportunity for the overall assembled mass to be adjusted.

Adjustable Hosel

Adjustable hosel can change the loft (+/-) 1½ degrees to optimize the trajectory.

PXG 0811 X Prototype Driver Specs

Club Lofts Lie Length (Inches) Head Mass
0811 X 60° 45 206

Available in a right-handed option only.

0811 X Proto

Performance Benefits

  • Fast Ball Speed
  • Incredible Distance
  • Tight Dispersion
  • Outstanding Feel/Sound
  • Low Spin Performance
  • High MOI

Innovative Technology

  • Hybrid Crown Construction
  • High Speed Face
  • Precision Weighting Technology
  • Honeycomb TPE Sole Insert
  • CG on the Neutral Axis
  • High Performance Anti-Glare Finish

PXG Custom Fittings

PXG clubs are customized and built to maximize performance on the course and increase your enjoyment of the game. Let a PXG Fitting Specialist “dial in” your PXG clubs at a course near you.

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