incredible distance. Unmatched sound
and feel.

the pxg x collection

Extremely Low Spin Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids

PXG X Collection drivers, fairway woods and hybrids are engineered for extremely low spin, incredible distance, and unmatched sound and feel. Designed with a patented honeycomb TPE insert, a special carbon fiber crown and precision weighting system that only we would use. We didn’t give it a fancy name because PXG says it all.

sweetest sounding. best feeling.

Honeycomb TPE Insert


Fairway Woods




The PXG X Collection offers a patented honeycomb TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) insert in each club. This vibration-dampening polymer enhances sound and feel while the honeycomb structure reduces mass, which can then be repositioned around the club to optimize launch.

A crowning achievement

Carbon fiber crown

Each club in the PXG X Collection is built with an ultra-strong, lightweight carbon fiber crown, instead of a heavier titanium or steel. Reducing mass in the crown area allows the weight to be repositioned in the sole of each club for optimal launch conditions. The matte black crown also reduces reflections and helps to eliminate distractions.

A Vast Array of Fitting Options

Precision Weighting System

The PXG X Collection offers adjustable weighting through each club’s interchangeable high-density tungsten and low-density titanium weights. The precision weighting system can be used for trajectory tuning and to adjust the overall clubhead mass.

To learn more about the PXG X Collection or to book a fitting, call +971-056-525-1348.

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