Published: 08/13/2020

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The Payne Stewart Award is presented annually by the PGA TOUR to a professional golfer who best exemplifies Stewart’s steadfast values of character, charity, and sportsmanship. We can’t think of anyone more deserving than PXG Professional Zach Johnson!

Following the announcement, we asked Zach how it felt to be named this year’s recipient. Here’s what Zach had to say.

Video Transcript

Hey, Zach Johnson here, and coming to you on the evening of the announcement that I am the 2020 recipient of the Payne Stewart Award. I’ve known for a little while, but not very long, and truthfully, it hasn’t really set it in yet. I’m still just in complete awe by it, just humbled by it and what it means.

I’m grateful because it just means I’ve been associated with some unbelievable people along the way. Truly highlights what Payne was about, it highlights, I think, what professional golf is all about; character, charity, sportsmanship. That’s probably what life’s about. God knows, in these given times, that would be a breath of fresh air if we could all go about our ways in that sort of fashion, but, man, I never knew this would ever happen, but I’m grateful.

There’s a lot of kids, a lot of families, in my hometown of Cedar Rapids that are going to directly benefit from this, so I’m grateful for the Southern Company and certainly the PGA Tour and Tracey Stewart, her family, and certainly Payne’s legacy for making it a priority. I also want to thank everybody and all my #PXGTroops out there and specifically Bob and Renee Parsons for modeling what it is to give and how to give and find joy in that and make it a priority. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

I don’t necessarily do it out of obligation or responsibility. I do it out of joy. I like knowing that this game of golf can provide for so many others. Just wanted to share that with you all and say thank you and just know that I am completely honored and humbled. Thank you.

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