Published: 03/30/2021

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The new 0811 GEN4 Drivers are available in three models – XT, X and XF – each with advanced technology and fitting options that deliver exceptional power, distance and forgiveness.

Our PXG GEN4 0811 X is the lowest spinning head for players who generally have a more downward attack angle and who struggle with high spin. The 0811 X offers a tall/deep face optimized for high launch and low spin – creating a flatter, more powerful trajectory which will lead to more distance off the tee.

Our PXG GEN4 0811 XF is a little bit deeper from front to back, which promotes a deeper center of gravity, creating a more forgiving, more draw biased head. The larger/longer face also expands the hitting zone and improves mishit performance.

And then finally, our PXG GEN4 0811 XT is a new addition to our lineup. The XT has a smaller/shallower face compared to other models, helping to reduce drag and create a more aerodynamic head for increased ball speeds.

If you look side by side, comparing the 0811 XT to the 0811 XF, you’ll see the XF has a significantly deeper face. That’s going to suit players who are looking for a larger, more forgiving head compared to the Tour inspired tear drop head design of the 0811 XT.

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