PXG Adapter Settings – Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid Shaft

Published: 11/22/2017

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Video Transcript

Good morning, my name is Eric Johnson. I’m one of our master fitters here at our PXG headquarters located in Scottsdale Arizona. I’m here to talk to you today about the drivers and fairway and hybrid shaft adapters. So what we have is we have a shaft adapter that actually has eight settings for every one of our clubs. Okay, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about what each one of those settings does. So, we’ve got eight separate lofts and lie adjustments that we could make. We’ve got our standard setting which is just the big dot here.

Okay, and what that means is that we are in a standard lie angle of 58 degrees with our driver, and a standard loft so whether the head says nine degrees or ten and a half degrees. If we were to go to the small minus, or the small + on either side of that standard setting what that would give us is, it would give us either a degree increase in loft or degree decrease in loft and it would change our lie angle a half a degree. Okay and it would go flat.

If we were to go to our big minus and our big plus, on this 45-degree angle sides what that will give us is, that will give us a degree and a half in loft adjustment either up or down, and it will also affect the lie a degree and a half flatter. One of the things that’s pretty unique to PXG is we also have a PXG setting. So, what that PXG setting does for us is it’ll make the club play at standard loft with lie angle three degrees flatter, okay. Maybe if a player has a toe too far up in the air. So we’ve also got PXG with no plus or minus on it. So, what that does is that adjusts the loft either a plus either plus one inch, sorry either plus one degree, or minus one degree. And it goes two and a half degrees flat in lie angle.

So, this is the same for every one of our tips whether it be the driver, the fairway, or the hybrid. Okay, and then with the left-handed tips, it’s just the exact opposite. So if we were to want to decrease in loft it would just be on the plus side. Okay which are left handed tips actually they’re the same tip they just show the plus in the minus on the opposite sides and they are not filled in like you can see on this one. Okay, thank you for checking in with us on our Tech Talk Tuesday.

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