Inside the Ropes on the PXG TOUR Truck

Published: 10/06/2021

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We asked two of our PXG club builders to give an in-depth tour of the PXG Tour Truck. We take a deep dive into the experience a PGA Tour Player receives on the PXG Tour Truck and how they prepare all their club specifications before performing at each tournament.

Video Transcript

Joel Kribel:

Hi, I’m Joel Kribel, Director of PGA Tour Operations at PXG. We are here at headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona on our tour truck. The truck’s just getting a fresh wrap and getting ready to hit the road again. Let’s show you around, and see what our tour players see when they come in to get some work done.

Joel Kribel:

Right off the bat we got our little seating area here. The guys can come in, plop down, grab a drink, watch some TV, and talk over with us what they need to do club-wise to get ready for the week.

All right, let’s go over and look at the hat drawer where all the guys get their hats for the week. Got a very expansive area here. We give out approximately 1500 hats over the course of the season. So we got all of our guys with their hats here, Wyndham Clark’s hat, we’ve got Sung KangZach JohnsonJoel Dahmen with the F cancer hat, represent. So all the guys get set up with their hats for the week, put them in their locker, they’re good to go.

Down these drawers, we got head covers for different clubs, new darkness putter logo, head covers in here. We got hybrids and fairways in here, and then we got the big dog driver head covers down at the bottom. So mainly in here, guys are just hanging out.

They’re getting their accessories done, but the real magic happens over here where Anthony’s hanging out in the build shop.

Anthony Gagliano:

How’s it going guys? My name’s Anthony. I’m the Tour Technician with PXG. I’m going to show you around the build shop right here.

So over here, we actually have a lot of shafts for our players. There’s the iron shaft drawers.

Over here, we keep all of our product on here, so we can go ahead and switch out whatever we need for our players. We’ve got all of our hozel weights, all of our putter weights, and our new GEN4 iron weights. Down here, we like to keep all of our newest product as well. Here’s our GEN4 irons. Jason Kokrak actually just went out and won with our new GEN4 irons first time in play.

And then also, shaft companies like to stock us up with their newest products so that we can go out and test with our players. Over here, similar thing with our grips. Grip companies stock us up, so our players can have fresh grips whenever they need them. We probably go through almost 2000 grips in a season, just putting fresh ones on for players.

That brings us over to our gripping station right here, and then our drying rack over here, where we actually have a couple of clubs for Pat Perez. This is an old set that he used to play. He actually just switched into our GEN4 irons as well. I’ll take you around here to our putter loft and lie machine. We’ve been working on some putters with Wyndham Clark this past week, we’ll do some more work next week at the event.

And over here, we’ve got Joel, he’s got a wedge that we’re going to work on for Wyndham Clark.

Joel Kribel:

We got Wyndham’s wedge here. And this is the time where we put the extreme, in Parsons Xtreme Golf. We want to make sure that all the guys are extremely happy with everything they have. So we make sure that we take everything and get it exactly how they want it. So with Wyndham, we’re going to sharpen the leading edge on this. We’re going to remove a little bit of bounce because he just likes a sharper product. So when it’s time, Anthony’s going to take this guy and grind it down to just exactly how Wyndham wants it.

Anthony Gagliano:

Perfect. Before I do that, I’m going to show you a couple more drawers, because we’ve got a ton on here. This is where we keep all of our GEN4 metal woods that we’re going to test with our players when we’re out at the events.

And of course, more grips right next to our second gripping station, we go through 2000 grips a year so we’re going to need two gripping stations. And over here, we’ve got some wedges so that whenever the guys need some fresh grooves – this is what they change the most in their sets. But sometimes players don’t just change their equipment. They also change their mind and want to go back to some legacy products. So we’ve got our battle tested cabinet over here that Joel’s going to go ahead and show you around.

Joel Kribel:

In here, we got a lot of different product that guys have either tried already and had success with or stuff that they’re waiting to test. For example, I got a putter here that Wyndham Clark had used for a while. He had some pretty good success with this model gunboat, so if he goes through a period where he is struggling with the putter, he might go pick this up and give it another shot and see if he can rekindle the magic. As you can see, we got other iron sets on here that guys might be the ready to try or ready to go back to at any point. So, we like to keep them on here and ready to go.

So that is it for our tour of the PXG truck. Thank you for coming by and look forward to seeing you guys sometime out on tour.

Anthony Gagliano:

Appreciate you coming by and seeing the build shop, but you’re going to have to get out because I got to get on the road!

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