LPGA Tour Pro AUSTIN ERNST Reviews All New PXG 0317 ST Milled Blades 

Published: 09/26/2022

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PXG continuously works to innovate and engineer the best golf clubs on the market for players of all skill levels. Introducing new PXG 0317 ST Milled Blades. Inspired by our tour pros, these super tour blades are made for advanced amateurs and professional golfers who crave greater workability, enhanced control, and an exceptional feel. Available in both a chrome and Xtreme Dark finish, the new blade irons look stunning at address and sharpen your game with every shot.  

We teamed up with LPGA Tour Pro, Austin Ernst, to get an inside review on the new 0317 ST Milled Blade Irons and why she will be putting them in the bag. 

A Conventional Blade with So Much More 

PXG’s 0317 ST Milled Blade Irons are designed for highly skilled players looking to keep the unmatched feel of a blade while adding greater distance and more workability to control shot shaping.  

Blended Set Design 

The new set of irons is a blended set design, meaning the longer irons have a larger cavity back design. This typically makes the difficult long irons more forgiving, while the short irons deliver max control.  

Precision Milled Grooves 

Engineered for high spin rates that allow soft landing in fairways or on greens. 

3X Forged Body  

The forging process is made with 8260 Soft Carbon Steel that when developed, creates a tight grain structure that lengthens the life of the grooves, feel, and club-head.  

Are the 0317 ST Blade Irons Fit For Your Game? Get Yours Online, Over the Phone or at a Fitting Location Near You! 

With striking looks and cutting-edge manufacturing, PXG 0317 ST Milled Blades give skilled golfers complete control over every shot. Schedule a appointment at one of PXG’s many fitting locations and try out the new 0317 ST Blade Irons. Each PXG location is equipped with expert fitters ready to dial in your exact club specifications from tee to green.  

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