PXG’s M16 Putter Shaft is the Most Stable on the Market – Here’s Why

Published: 09/07/2022

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The new PXG M16 putter shaft is our first venture into the design and manufacturing of our own shaft. To date, we’ve taken a brand agnostic, engineer led approach to the shafts we select and add to our fitting matrix. When our engineers looked at the putter category, and the many performative aftermarket products available, they challenged themselves to develop a PXG putter shaft that outperforms competitors for stability and consistency while delivering big on a soft, yet solid feel.

In this short video, we asked Chief Product Engineer, Brad Schweigert to walk us through our performative advancements and what customers should expect from this new  PXG stability putter shaft.

What are stability putter shafts?

Most golfers agree that stability has become a fundamental key to improving one’s putting performance. Despite being a relatively new category, stability putter shafts are already changing the game for every player. Greater stiffness and stability in a shaft lead to more consistent putting strokes and more putts made.

What Sets the PXG M16 Putter Shaft Apart from Its Competitors?

When we set out to develop this M16, our engineers completed benchmark testing against many of the high dollar aftermarket products.

The PXG M16 Putter Shaft boasts an impressively stiff butt frequency, measured at 386 cycles per minute (CPM). Butt frequency, measured in CPM, is a method of calculating the overall stiffness of a golf shaft. The higher the frequency, the stiffer the shaft. Data shows the M16 Shaft ranges 10% to 20% stiffer than many other high-priced aftermarket putter shafts promoted for their stiffness and stability. The PXG M16 is also 26% stiffer than a traditional steel putter shaft.

The Technology Behind our Super-Stable Putter Shaft

Multi-Material Construction

The PXG M16 Putter Shaft features a multi-material construction, with an upper section built from high modulus carbon fiber and a lower tip built from steel. Unlike typical steel putter shafts, this unique dual composition helps to deliver more stiffness and stability.

Superior Engineering

The PXG M16 Putter Shaft features twenty-two steel wires interlaid down the outer ring of the shaft, each strategically positioned to enhance stiffness. The inner-most area is filled with a high modulus 60T carbon fiber, stiffer than the standard modulus 24T carbon fiber. Two rubber sheets sit sandwiched between the steel wires and carbon fiber to generate a soft, yet solid, feel.

Contoured Shape

Designed with a multi-material construction, the shaft transitions from graphite to steel. While the steel tip features a traditional taper, the lower section of the graphite sector utilizes a larger diameter and thicker material construction to further enhance stability and stiffness, while maintaining its sleek aesthetic

Benefits of a Stabilized Putter Shafts According to Our Chief Product Engineer

We asked our Chief Product Engineer what golfers should expect from the M16 Putter Shaft.

“If looked at it from a theoretical perspective, you basically want a shaft that’s infinitely stiff but provides incredible feel and response off the putter face. That’s exactly what we’ve achieved with this new technology. We made the M16 as stiff as possible, but to the player it feels incredibly soft and responsive.” Brad Schweigert, Chief Product Engineer

Putt Like a Pro – Give Your Game an Edge with the All New PXG M16 Putter Shaft

Are you ready to win some green on the greens?! With PXG, there are three easy ways to get our new putter shaft in your bag. As always you can order your putter shaft online, by contacting a PXG Fitting Specialist via phone at 1.844.PLAY.PXG, or if you would prefer to come in and test it out first hand, simply find a PXG Retail store or fitting location near you to get scheduled!

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