PXG Introduces two new color finishes to the 0311 GEN6 Irons Collection

Published: 11/07/2023

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Which 0311 GEN6 Iron Color Finish Is Best for You?

We understand that choosing the right iron set is a personal decision. One aspect that adds a touch of individuality to your clubs is the color finish. With the introduction of two new colorways, Double Black and Double Chrome, PXG’s GEN6 Irons deliver even more options to cater to your unique swing and style.

In this blog, we’ll explore the different color finishes while highlighting the shared technologies and performance benefits of the GEN6 Irons, as well as the customization options available through a PXG fitting experience.

Introducing the Color Finishes

Enjoy more bling per swing with PXG’s GEN6 Irons in two striking new finishes, now available at lower prices!

NEW Double Black

NEW Double Chrome

A bold and sleek finish that exudes confidence. Perfect for players who want a premium, modern look.

A classic, shiny finish that’s synonymous with timeless elegance. Ideal for golfers who appreciate a traditional and sophisticated appearance

Starting at $189.99

Starting at $179.99

Xtreme Dark


A fusion of black and chrome for a dynamic, contemporary appearance. Appeals to golfers who want a unique, stand-out finish.

A combination of chrome and black for a refined, high-contrast option. Offers a stylish and eye-catching look on the golf course

Starting at $189.99

Starting at $179.99

Performance and Technology

The choice of color finish might be based on personal preference, but let’s not forget the core reasons to consider PXG’s GEN6 Irons!

Precision Engineered:

GEN6 Irons are meticulously designed to offer exceptional performance and consistency.

The use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures precision in every swing.

Forgiveness and Distance:

PXG’s innovative technology maximizes both forgiveness and distance, helping you improve your game. The hollow body construction and XCOR2 technology work together to provide explosive ball speed and a larger sweet spot even on those off-center strikes.

Customization Options:

PXG takes personalization seriously. A PXG fitting experience allows you to tailor your irons to your swing and preferences.

During your fitting, PXG Master Fitters assess the many data points around your swing dynamics, finely tuning each club to deliver improved performance with every swing. Resulting in more distance, more fairways hit, more greens in regulation and more fun during your round.

More Bling Per Swing!

Choosing your preferred finish for your GEN6 Irons is all a matter of personal style.

Whether you choose a bold and contemporary look of Double Black, a traditional, clean appearance of Double Chrome, or if you’re drawn to our original colorways, you are guaranteed to enjoy pure performance in every swing.

Meet Your Match.

Elevate your game with the perfect combination of style and performance, courtesy of PXG’s GEN6 Irons.

Ready to give your bag a refresh? Schedule your PXG fitting experience now, buy GEN6 Irons online, or call PXG Sales & Support at 844.PLAY.PXG.

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