Published: 06/20/2021

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Video Transcript

When a player is fitted for our PXG GEN4 0811 Driver, you’ll enjoy the same exceptional fitting experience that you’ve come to expect from PXG.

One benefit with the GEN4 Driver weighting system is we’re able to adjust those weights on the range. So, once your PXG Fitting Specialist finds what shaft flex, shaft length, what hosel setting that a player likes best, we can then go and adjust the head weight to try a little bit lighter and a little bit heavier.

A little bit heavier oftentimes can bring in the dispersion, creating a tighter shot pattern. And a little bit lighter sometimes is able to add clubhead speed.

We’re always looking to optimize those variables for each player. When you’re with a fitter, they’ll be able to adjust those elements, make those notes, and your club will be custom built with the proper weights to suit your swing.

If you’re buying your driver online through the configurator, you’re able to buy a PXG weight kit to adjust the driver head weight once it gets to you.

See how to configure your GEN4 Driver online

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