Take a Tour of PXG HQ – with Billy Horschel

Published: 07/06/2018

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody Billy Horschel here, we were at PXG headquarters. This building is unbelievable they opened it up about two years ago. Bob Parsons, if he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it the right way and there’s no expense spared in here. So here we are you walk in the lobby right here you got the pictures of the players up there. You got some Harley Davidsons which Bob owns our Harley Davidson here in town, PXG customized. You got clothes at PXG, their own special line set of clothes that obviously you can buy and wear as well. Coming here we got a little putting green, you can hang out hit some putts, you got a little bar over here, some drinks, some food when people are getting fitted. Over here we got shafts galore with club heads and woods. Obviously this is just options that they have, there’s so much more that they can do for you. So there’s any combination that you need they can make it work like I said you got clothes here, accessories that you can buy, it has a PXG logo on it. You got some staff bags here, you got some carry bags that you know if that’s something you want, go ahead and get it.

Over here we got three hitting bays that they allow you to come in here you get fitted by. So, this is one area where they do the PXG Xperience, you get fitted for your clubs here or you get fitted for your clubs up at Scottsdale National. So, I said I mean you come here you can get fitted the right way. You can’t say that about every other company, but right here you can get the clothes perfectly done the way you want it. Keep walking down here, some other things I’ll show you. Up on the wall, like I said, Bob’s a Harley Davidson guy and he’s this is just one of the bikes that is customized with PXG 0311.

So another neat feature that Bob likes to show off. So we come down here, oops we got Ryan Moore in the hitting Bay, testing out some stuff over there with Matt Rolling’s, Brad Schweigert, Brad’s one of the head guys who makes all the great clubs, new drivers everything he’s the man. We got Anna Nordqvist over here on the Quintic, Quintic is unbelievable this little putting thing shows you how quickly it rolls, can tell you if you’re lie angle’s right on your putter. So many neat, so many unbelievable combinations and it’s tough, it’s giving off, like it’s beyond my capability of describing. Tight deal.

But the numbers that it’s able to tell you, You know this putter’s fitted for, tells you what putter you need they can obviously they’re right now tweaking the putter that she’s trying out, based off what they saw on Quintic. So, I said another unbelievable feature here at PXG Headquarters and like I said keep walking. You saw the PXG bike up on the wall there it actually is, this is a photo in the background of the 17th hole on the mine shaft course it’s two courses at Scottsdale national the mine shaft and the other course. Along with the “Bad Little Nine” which is maybe the toughest little par three course in America – hands down – I put a lot of money on it.

So, following me, we can go in the back show you where all the good stuff gets made after everything’s been fitted. After everything’s been fitted to come back here they have these guys make your clubs at the snap of your fingers. So the order’s been put in, this is where everything gets done. Put your shafts in in the clubs everything is matched up based off the order that is offered up and all these guys out here working building wedges iron woods, new putters. One neat thing about PXG is when you get a set of clubs they put them in these box which is a feature I’ve never seen any other company. So you get a really cool boxes when you open it up it’s like Christmas at home and just, I mean even when it comes to my house when I get stuff like this I get a big smile on my face all the time.

So here we go, we got orders that are probably already filled right here ready to be either put grips on, be finished, be shipped out. So obviously you can see there’s a lot of work being done everyone’s working back here hard. Obviously, Christmas season is right around the corner so trying to pump out the gear to get everyone their new clubs under the tree they’ve got TVs up there. Obviously you know for guys that fall along we go off you want to you know keep them interested in what’s going on as well.

So everyone’s working really hard like Bob said, two years, roughly two years old and we’re already, you know, hammering the industry, I mean the momentum we’ve got no one else has. So I like said I love being part of PXG just a little bit of the PXG headquarters here and hope you guys enjoyed it. You guys are thinking about PXG, please check it out the PXG Xperience is an unbelievable thing, yes it cost some money, for the experience you get for it is worthwhile. If not find a PXG fit around your area, get fitted for PXG clubs. You’re not going to hate it, trust me. you’re going to love that you got fitted for PXG clubs.

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